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September 23, 2019

Support O'odham VOICE against the WALL

Sep 23 at 3:16 PM

Help Support the O'odham VOICE against the WALL

O'odham VOICE Against The WALL has actively been working on O'odham Rights and Human Rights since 2003. We are a small group representing Elders and ceremony people.

September 2019: A New Critical Threat Has Occurred Impacting Sacred Places on O'odham Land in the US and Mexico.

We are in need of travel and food funds immediately. 

There are important meetings that must take place and we must ensure the community leaders are able to attend.  The safety of the Elders is a priority. Please know it is highly important that group representatives must travel across the border region.

Many of you have been involved with providing solidarity for over a decade. With your help, we stopped the toxic dump that was to be built near the O'odham sacred site of Quitovac in Sonora Mexico back in 2008.

Here are two links to remember that victory:
  1. Temporary Victory:  Toxic Dump Haulted (For Now)Traditional O'odham and Supporters Halt Quitovac Toxic Dump
  2. Solidarity Gathering Against Toxic Dump Proposal Near Sacred Site of Quitovac; Resolution Against
    the Dump is Adopted

Work has continued constantly since then, and now we want to re-connect with you to build and grow this solidarity network to provide even more support to the O'odham living in Arizona and Mexico.

A new attack is upon us. Any donations will help protect a very important sacred area. More information will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your attention at this very important time. Anything you can spare will help the Elders to travel, which will help the land to remain free.  With your help we can stop a land takeover that is occurring right now, just like we stopped the toxic dump near Quitovac in 2008.
With love and solidarity,

Ofelia Rivas (O'odham VOICE against the WALL)

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