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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Monday, December 9, 2019

Dine' Medicine Men's Formal Objection to Desecration of Dook’o’oosliid, San Francsico Peaks

December 4, 2019 
US Forest Service and Arizona Snowbowl Agassiz Chairlift Replacement and Upgrade Proposal

To: Cal Joyner, Regional Forester, 333 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Responsible Officials: Calvin Joyner, Regional Forester
Laura Jo West, Forest Supervisor Coconino National Forest
Previous Comments: Dine’ Medicine Men Association
provided previous comments on August 30, 2019

We are continually discriminated against by federal agencies as they require us to reply in black and white, with a foreign language that is not our own and does not convey the full depth of our concerns.


The Dine’ Be’ Nanagha’ Yee’ Da’Aho’ta’ (Dine’ Medicine Men Association, Inc.) is an established non-profit organization incorporated with the Navajo Nation since the early 1970s. We are an established and recognized organization of the Navajo Nation, we neither function with remuneration, nor as an established operation with specific sites. We are a membership of traditional apologists, spiritual Dine’ hataalii (healers), prophets, cultural educators, wisdom keepers, medicine people, elders and traditionalists who have come together willingly to maintain, protect and promote the Dine’ way of life, intellectual knowledge, right to self- determination and the fundamental right to worship the Great Spirit according to our sacred (holy) protocols.

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