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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Navajo Elders Object to Snowbowl Chairlift on Sacred Mountain


Navajo Elders Object to Snowbowl Chairlift on Sacred Mountain
Threatened plant, the San Francisco Ragwort, which grows no where else in the World except on the San Francisco Peaks is in the way of Arizona Snowbowl’s new gondola style lift.

Contact: Shawn Mulford
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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Coconino National Forest Supervisor Laura Jo West has approved a new gondola style chairlift at Arizona Snowbowl indicating it would cause No Significant Impact. The Dine’ Medicine Men Association objected to this finding by stating, “based on our review of this proposal and the current Coconino National Forest Supervisor Laura Jo West’s Finding No Significant Impact, we see nothing has changed, our rights continue to be violated and the Creator’s Creation continues to be destroyed.”

HAWAII: Mauna Kea Protectors Targeted for Arrest on Dec. 26, 2019

Update Dec. 26:

HAWAII: Law enforcement told Mauna Kea Protectors they will be arrested Dec. 26, 2019. This comes after the Governor used false PR as a tactic, promising to withdraw law enforcement. A similar tactic was used against Standing Rock Water Protectors in 2016, when they were told, 'It's all over, go home.' 

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

On Thursday, Day 160 of protecting Mauna Kea, Protectors said in a video address that the Governor is making contradicting statements to the public. Protectors said the Hawaiian government is attempting to diminish their strength with a false narrative in the media.

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