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October 2, 2020

Food Delivery by O'odham Voice Against the Wall

The Beauty of Sharing and Caring

O'odham Voice Against the Wall, Continuing to Break Down the Walls

By Ofelia Rivas 
Tohono O'odham 
Censored News

Thank you to compassionate people that continue to donate for our grassroots effort to continue to deliver food out on O'odham lands. Today perishables were fresh eggs and whole chicken and ham. Also potatoes and dry milk packets, 100 percent juices, and fresh oranges. It's a beautiful drive and beautiful smiles from all the families living in remote areas. What we delivered today is not much but it's food for another week for big families. I wanted to share the beauty of the land.  

O'odham Solidarity Project

Copyright Ofelia Rivas, Censored News

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