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October 21, 2020

Lakota, Navajo and Hopi volunteers go the distance: Carry meals, groceries and water as pandemic begins eighth month

Photo by Rebecca Kidder. Rebecca said, "May today bring comfort and healing to all our relatives." Lakota volunteers in Rapid City are cooking up homestyle delicious meals for
those sick and in quarantine at Meals for Relatives COVID-19 Rapid City Community Response. 

Censored News celebrates Lakota, Navajo and Hopi volunteers cooking gourmet meals and carrying fresh groceries and water to homes, as the pandemic begins the eighth month

Gatherings Cafe, Minneapolis Indian Center.

Dine' Chef Brian Yazzie at Gatherings Cafe, Minneapolis Indian Center in Minnesota, is feeding Native elders. "Today, the team served BBQ bison, sage-sweet potato mash, and dairy-free coleslaw. The elders were able to receive hygiene bags as well." The gourmet meal for elders on Oct. 16 had help from World Central Kitchen and Chefs for America. 

Gourmet meals for elderly at Minneapolis Indian Center Gatherings Cafe.

At the Gatherings Cafe in Minneapolis, Chef Brian Yazzie and team cooked up some comfort food for elderly. On the menu, "Rez Bison Mac w/ Dream of Wild Health Tomato Sauce, House Salad w/ Puffed Wild Rice & Pepitas." Chef Brian Yazzie raises funds for supplies for his home community on the Navajo Nation. 

Fresh steamed corn for the communities this week at Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief.

Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief raises its own funds, and purchases fresh food in Phoenix, for delivery by semi-truck loads to Hopi and Navajo communities. Kinlani Mutual Aid in Flagstaff assists with receiving donations and preparing sanitized deliveries. Donate at

Navajo volunteer Shannonlynn Chester thanked donors for a huge contribution to Dine' Healers Relief. "I brought all of this back to Kinlani/Flagstaff. Yesterday we got it all sanitized and boxed up. Then it was picked up & will be part of a delivery to Diné medicine men & their families in the Indian Wells, Steamboat and Greasewood Springs area on Monday. Ahéhee!" Kinlani Mutual Aid, Indigenous Action and Dine' Healers Relief based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

McKinley Mutual Aid, serving Gallup, eastern Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico, said during October, "We made 488 food boxes and 700 CORE buckets and successfully delivered to Red Rock Senior Center, Huerfano Chapter, Zuni Census Drive by, Zuni Senior Center, Crownpoint CHR Service Unit, Nahodishgish Chapter. Thank you to our volunteers from Avenues, Strong Families, ATD 4th World, Strengthening Nations, Capacity Builders, Indigenous Lifeways!"

Dine' volunteer Bitahnii Wilson said, "Toh Bei iina ( Water is Life) as he filled water barrels and delivered those to Navajo and Hopi in need this week. This delivery was southeast of Greasewood in a remote area where Dine' have no running water or electricity.

Dine' elder Andy Dann, along with nephew Mercury Bitusie and friends shown here, deliver food, water and supplies to Dine' in the heart of the Navajo Nation on Black Mesa.

Please support locally grown produce by Native farmers.

Hopi Food Coop

Harvest time photo by Lilian Hill, Hopi

Hopi Food Co-op
Hopi tribal members organize with local farmers initiate a Hopi Community Supported Agriculture, providing fresh locally grown food for Hopi families. Rebuilding local food systems.

Lilian Hill
2 days ago

Lilian Hill
2 days ago Itood share program where individuals and families buy shares to support local Hopi farmers

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