August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

No More Deaths medical station raided with massive show of force by Border Patrol in Arivaca, Arizona

"One volunteer was able to get a few pictures from inside camp when BORTAC and Border Patrol entered. Heavily armed agents drove straight into the humanitarian aid camp in a Bearcat tank as helicopters circled overhead. Border Patrol also brought a cameraman. He filmed the scene as agents chased and arrested people who had sought out humanitarian aid and respite from the 100-degree heat. More photos and footage exist, but phones are still in custody." -- No More Deaths

"Disturbing photos show the aftermath of the raid at Byrd Camp. Last night Border Patrol and BORTAC arrested people receiving care and ransacked the humanitarian aid station, ripping apart tents and destroying medical supplies. In an attempt to suppress documentation of the military-style raid, Border Patrol seized the cell phones volunteers used to document the violence. This morning during clean up, volunteers also saw that agents had disconnected the power to the well, the only water source on the property of the remote desert camp." -- No More Deaths

The military-style raid comes after No More Deaths sought information on the US Border Patrol's swat team BORTAC, which was also just involved in attacking protesters in Portland. In Arivaca, over 30 people were detained who were receiving aid, as the temperatures soared to over 100 degrees.

No More Deaths
August 1, 2020
Update August 4, 2020

ARIVACA, Arizona -- The U.S. Border Patrol raided No More Deaths' humanitarian aid station, detaining over thirty people who were receiving medical care, food, water, and shelter from the 100 plus degree heat. In a massive show of force, Border Patrol, along with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) - also recently deployed in Portland, Oregon - descended on the camp with an armored vehicle, three ATVS, two helicopters, and dozens of marked and unmarked vehicles. 

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