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August 7, 2021

Navajo Area Schools Report New Cases of Coronavirus: August 7, 2021

Six Navajo area schools in San Juan County report new cases of coronavirus this week. The Navajo Nation reports uncontrolled spread in nine communities.

Update August 13, 2021
As schools reopen, there are 10,000 teachers and students in quarantine in 14 states, Washington Post reports. Meanwhile, the State of New Mexico -- the only Four Corners state reporting outbreaks daily -- shows more than a dozen schools with outbreaks in the Farmington, Bloomfield, Kirtland, Shiprock and Gallup region. Navajo Times reports a student at Pinon High School in Arizona has tested positive. Tucson Schools in Arizona show 9 teachers and staff, and 16 students testing positive.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Aug. 7, 2021

FARMINGTON, N.M. -- The Navajo Nation reported uncontrolled spread of corona
virus in nine communities this week. Meanwhile, Navajo area schools and businesses reported outbreaks this week in New Mexico.

In Farmington, Child Care Castle, and Smith's Food and Drug, reported coronavirus outbreaks with three cases each. In Gallup, Home Depot reported an outbreak of three cases on Friday. 

An alarming number of schools have already reported cases of COVID-19, as students prepare to return to school.

Navajo Preparatory School and Shiprock High School both reported one case this week. In Bloomfield, both Love the Children Learning Center, and Blanco Elementary, reported one case. In Aztec, Aztec High School and Koogler Middle School reported a case.

In all this week, 32 schools and businesses in San Juan County reported cases of the virus.

The Navajo Nation said nine communities are experiencing an uncontrolled spread of COVID-19. Ganado, Indian Wells, Low Mountain, Pinon, Teesto, Houck, Kayenta, Manuelito and Rock Springs were identified as communities with an uncontrolled spread, from July 16-29. The report is Aug. 3, 2021.

The Navajo Nation, where the Delta variant is present, reported 46 new cases of coronavirus today, Saturday, Aug. 7. The total number of Dine' deaths from COVID-19 is 1,377.

The State of New Mexico provides a list of outbreaks. However, the states of Arizona, Utah and Colorado do not provide daily lists of outbreaks.

San Juan County this week. Source: State of New Mexico

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