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August 30, 2021

'Laberinto Yo'eme' premieres: Yaqui battle corporations as water and land defenders are kidnapped and assassinated

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Trailer Laberinto Yo'eme from Movies for Festivals on Vimeo.

August 27, 2021: Today there is a great premiere at the Cineteca Nacional of #LaberintoYoemeDocumental by director Sergi Pedro Ros. Check the schedule at the link:! #Premiere #NationalCinem

Censored News: Yaqui Defending Water, Land and Resources Kidnapped and Assassinated

Articles by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Kidnapped Yaqui Remain Missing from Bacum Pueblo
Ten men remain missing after being kidnapped while going for a cow for a traditional feast for Bacum Pueblo. Families point to the corporations, the discovery of lithium and the battle against a gas pipeline. Before the kidnappings, the Mexican military planted drugs in the community in an excuse to invade and an attempt to disarm the traditional Yaqui guard. Some of those, including children, who were initially kidnapped were released badly beaten. Families say the corporations are attempted to instill fear into the people.

Vicam Pueblo Tomas Rojo: Kidnapped and Assassinated

Vicam Pueblo Yaqui Tomas Rojo was kidnapped in May and brutally assassinated. Rojo, an agricultural engineer and spokesman for Vicam Yaqui, led the struggle to defend Yaqui water for years. Censored News interviewed Rojo at one of the Water Forums hosted by the Traditional Authority in Vicam Pueblo. Vicam Yaqui maintained highway blockades for years on a major highway on their land to protest the theft of Yaqui River water for an aqueduct for the city of Hermosillo. Listen to Tomas' words:

Indigenous Rights Defenders Battle to their Deaths

Yaqui Luis Urbano who participated in making of film shot to death

Luis Urbano Domínguez Mendoza, who participated in the making of the film 'Laberinto Yo'eme, was a defender of Yaqui natural resources. Luis was shot to death in Ciudad Obregón, a major city near Vicam. Luis accompanied elders of the Traditional Authority of Vicam Pueblo, which maintained the highway blockades in Vicam spanning years to protest the aqueduct using Yaqui River water for Hermosillo. Luis was leaving a bank in Obregón when he was shot and killed on June 8. The 35-year-old activist was a fierce political and social fighter for respect for the natural resources of the Yaqui tribe. In 2012 he joined the fight for water and Yaqui lands and in 2019 he participated in the documentary “Laberinto Yo'eme," in which he described the theft of the waters of the Yaqui River and its lands.

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