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August 26, 2021

Water Protectors Block Line 3 with Aerial Structure Never Before Used in Western Hemisphere

Water Protectors Block Line 3 Pump Station with Aerial Structure Never Before Used in Western Hemisphere

By Giniw Collective
Censored News
August 25, 2021

SWATARA, Minnesota -- This morning, Water Protectors erected an aerial blockade in front of a Line 3 pump station, the kind of good trouble that has inspired over 700 people to be arrested standing up for Mother Earth in northern Minnesota.

The blockade is an engineered effort originally deployed by Extinction Rebellion UK — today marks the first time it has ever been deployed in the Western Hemisphere.
The action follows a blockade of a Line 3 mancamp days prior, which included an all-BIPOC, mostly Indigenous femme and two-spirit team of land defenders.
Wild ricing season has begun in Anishinaabe territory, under drought conditions that have impacted wild rice beds across the North Country. Some lake and riverbeds are nearly wiped out — the state of Minnesota approved Enbridge to “dewater” 5 billion gallons of water to construct Line 3.
Police brutality and use of force on Water Protectors has escalated in the past month. The Walz/Flanagan and Biden/Harris administrations have said nothing about gross human rights abuses at the hands of police in financial relationship with Enbridge, a Canadian corporation.
“We’re here because the Biden Administration and Enbridge continue to violate the treaties we signed centuries ago— the supreme law of the land. This betrays our oath to our indigenous siblings and this planet,” said one Water Protector suspended in the air.
“We’re here because Enbridge is one of the worst polluters of this Earth. They are threatening to pollute water of millions of people. We stand to defend this land, and water, to preserve them for future generations. We are doing what is right and what is just— which so many of our white relatives have failed to do,” said a second climber Water Protector.
“Today we stand in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples on the frontlines and in the streets of Minnesota’s capitol demanding the essential right to clean drinking water, and standing against corporate greed,” said a Water Protector locked to the base.

“Shout out to the every single person who has been arrested before me, 700 and counting, we will not stop until we stop Line 3!” said another brave human being standing up for Anishinaabe Treaty territory.

Giniw Collective is an Indigenous-women, 2-Spirit led frontline resistance to protect our Mother, defend the sacred and live in balance. We stand unafraid. Prayers into action. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @GiniwCollective

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