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August 30, 2021

Zapatistas in Switzerland: Fighting the Capitalist System

Zapatistas in Switzerland: "We are seeing that they have that courage and courage to fight against anyone and overthrow the capitalist system"

Posted by: POZOL COLECTIVO August 29, 2021 

Zapatistas in Switzerland: "We are seeing that they have that courage and courage to fight against anyone and overthrow the capitalist system"

By Free Media or whatever they are called

Free Media Video: Siamo Tutte Antifasciste: Zapatistas en Suiza / Von
Chiapas, Über Rojava in Die Welt.

BASEL, Switzerland -- August 30, 2021 -- A Camp for Life and a protest march took place this weekend with the active participation of the EZLN maritime delegation and around five hundred anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, anti-colonial and internationalist activists who are fighting in Switzerland and Europe, being speakers of Swiss German, Spanish, French and Italian among other languages ​​such as Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic. While Squad 421 was visiting agroecological cooperatives near Geneva and Lake Geneva, about fifty people emerged and set up a large camp on Thursday 26 August in a park in the border town of Basel (Basel, Bâle) in Switzerland, to one side of the river Rhine that divides France and Germany from the Helvetic Confederation.

In Swiss German, English and Spanish, a sign near the information store, between the kitchen and the temple, welcomes the Zapatista camp: “We have taken this space to draw attention to different forms of resistance, autonomy, to live differently. Keep in mind that we want to create a space free of discrimination here, where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Let's create a different world here and now! "

The Zapatista Tour program in Basel proposed emotional, medicinal and legal support for political actions, thanks to a team prepared to receive anyone who had suffered from repression or oppression, especially during the protest demonstration in the center of the city. As opening words, a hostess from Basel welcomed everyone “to the Zapatista Camp, especially the comrades who visit us from Chiapas, who have crossed the sea to find what resembles us, who have come to the renowned unsubmissive land to listen, share and discuss with us. That bring us more than 25 years of resistance and history. And that they continue to set the example before the existing neoliberal, patriarchal and capitalist hegemonic system. Their struggle, their successes give us strength. The journey through life has inspired the creation of this space. And we receive them with great affection. In this geography called Switzerland, the heart of capitalism continues with the neocolonial tradition of exploiting entire regions of the world under a false mask of neutrality. But there are also those who imagine another world, who fight and defend themselves, here there are also those who do not give up, those who do not give up, those who do not sell themselves.

Because even though our conditions are very different, our struggles are the same. Against the patriarchal system that murders us women, trans, inter and non-binary people. Against this system and its borders that leads us to an ecological catastrophe. That forces us to migrate and then punish us, to criminalize us. Against this system of death there are also those who fight for a dignified life, without fear. And this camp has the intention of looking at us, meeting us, getting to know each other, weaving ties. It is an opportunity to highlight the common, without forgetting our differences. Because here in Basel we also fight and resist. From below and to the left. Comrades, let's get organized. The time has come. Welcome!"

The members of the maritime delegation took many notes, photos and videos in the different activities in which they listened and participated in multilingual sessions that lasted between two and four hours each. On Friday, August 27, in the afternoon, dozens of women spoke in the framework of a feminist and anti-patriarchal judgment that they made against colonialist capitalism. Lupita, Ximena, Carolina, Yuli, Marijosé,
Bernal and Felipe also shared the emotions of the campers, such as the
experiences of migrant women in Switzerland, who are fighters from Africa, Asia and Latin America, often oppressed and racialized undocumented people who are organized below and to the left to defend life with dignity. At night, the Squad retired to their lodging while documentaries on the Zapatista struggle were screened at the camp. On Saturday, August 28 in the morning, after an assembly there was an exchange of struggle and resistance from the migrant perspective in parallel to a presentation entitled "Meetings against federal asylum camps."

A combative and joyous demonstration went through the streets of the city, stopping in front of the Swiss bank buildings on two occasions, with several speeches in Swiss German and Spanish, where slogans were shouted in many languages.

In the central auditorium of the camp, the Zapatista delegates shared their words, translated into Swiss German, to relate their experience of organizing in hiding and of the insurrection from 1994 until the creation of the Caracoles in 2004. And the next day they continued with the analysis of the functioning, errors and difficulties of the autonomous government for more than four hours. There were also other activities of information and discussion such as "Fight for life: Anti-colonial resistance organization against multinational companies in central Mexico" about the struggle of the united peoples against the Bonafont company that belongs to Nestlé, as well as "Anti-colonial agricultural structures here and now" , and then “Collaboration of Swiss multinationals with authoritarian and fascist regimes” with presentations by fighters in Brazil, Kurdistan and the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

In the main tent of the Camp for Life, after two days of deep and often emotional exchanges, Marijosé agreed to speak on behalf of the maritime delegation that has been in Europe for ten weeks, to close these days of talks between activists from Europa and Abya Yala.

"Well companions, companions, companions, on behalf of my companions of the Squad we thank you
deeply that they have invited us in this meeting, in this their space and that they have given us the opportunity to share our struggles with them and to also listen to their ways of struggles here in this space, in this country and thank you for everything, thank you for your attention and As they say, it is a very capitalist country where we have seen with our own eyes how difficult it is to demonstrate. How difficult it is to organize to free ourselves from this bad system. But still we are seeing that they have that courage and courage to fight against anyone and overthrow the capitalist system. Thank you for your struggle, thank you for your resistance and thank you for joining your struggles and your forces not only with one group, but with several groups. And thanks to these meetings and the tour through life we ​​are seeing that many groups are coming together to forge their struggle and move forward and thus overthrow the patriarchal system. Thank you very much colleagues, colleagues, colleagues! AND
remember that nothing is impossible, everything is possible. A new world is possible!

"Thanks to the camp, let it be repeated chingadx!" a singer from the son jarocho concert exclaimed on the stage of the park taken in Basel, before singing a Zapatista Bamba at the close of the last weekend of August in Slumil K'ajxemk'op. But where the people command, they are obeyed with another Zapatista cumbia. Compassion winds!


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