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November 9, 2021

Live -- Indigenous Movement Assembly -- COP26 Nov. 9, 2021

Indigenous from Australia speaking on ancestry and the betrayals of humanity at COP26.
"If you want to know how to fix this climate crisis -- listen to Indigenous Peoples."

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

GLASGOW, Scotland -- Indigenous at the Indigenous Movement Assembly from around the world are speaking today on real solutions to the climate crisis created by invaders and the fossil fuel industry.
Speaking now, Indigenous elder Ray Minniecon from Australia describes the betrayals of humanity at the UN Climate Summit COP 26.
"Our Australian Pavilion has no Indigenous in it."
Speaking on the history of genocide, Minniecon said the Pope gave the invaders the right to genocide and to take the lands.
"This is hypocrisy, pure deceitfulness. The governments that have destroyed the climate are now at COP26 claiming they will remedy the climate crisis.
For 60,000 years his people have looked after the land."
"If you want to know how to fix this climate crisis, listen to the Indigenous Peoples," he said.
The invaders do not have the solutions.
The governments have come to COP26 supported by the fossil fuel corporations.
Indigenous Peoples did not create this crisis.
"We are the victims of this crisis."
Speaking of the future children, who should not have to clean up today's mess, he said, "We have got a huge responsibility."
"I don't see any hope in here," he said, pointing out that the governments who are the cause of climate crisis and are supported by the fossil fuel industries, are the ones claiming to have the solutions.
"We are demanding a seat at the table."
"The United Nations is made up of the countries who have invaded us -- so why should I listen to them."

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Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 9, 2021

"I want to tell the world that my beloved country is facing a climate crises - already I have lost two Islands from my country - it's a very sad thing." Bernard Ewekia from Tuvalu speaks about living on the frontline of the climate crises, & asks for justice for his country.

Casey Camp Horinek, Ponca
Indigenous Peoples impacted by corporate development programs have their own solutions outside of carbon markets. Indigenous Traditional Knowledge holders came together to share their stories, knowledge and work towards a Just Transition.

Watch live Nov. 9, 2021

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