Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

November 6, 2021

Amazonian Youths Lead COP26 March Today


Tens of Thousands March Today for Climate Justice

Amazonian youths from Brazil and Ecuador led the march at the UN Climate Summit at  COP26 today in Glasgow, Scotland, where world leaders continue greenwashing and promoting failed solutions, while promoting fossil fuels -- coal mining, oil and gas drilling -- and now lithium mining, in their home countries. -- Censored News.

Twitter photos today 

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J.D. Ruybal said...

This is sad yet it makes the heart pain with pride as our youth step forward to continue the work of their parents and their ancestors in protecting All that is sacred...Life.
Sad also because generations have come and gone yet the disrespect and destruction of all that is sacred,including life itself,by the mindset of a colonial oligarch has also continued their generational killing spree as the systemic greed is nurtured and cultivated with in intentional institutions and technology.If I may.The youth of today be strong and sure as you are protecting All that is life itself. And never anguish over them as the powers that be absolutely never consider you as a living being.To them you are but an annoying inconvenience and they use your/our mindfulness against us as they contrive materialism and spirituality as a means to capture you-ALL--in a faith conjured up and called comfort and scripture and of course the god, their supreme god of ALL = WAR and killing.

Though We may not be standing shoulder to shoulder as you are on the front line, know we are with you all the same, United in our struggle for humanity--All Life itself.   

In Solidarity and as your Neighbor upon this land, our mother earth J.D. Deaine Ruybal