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November 24, 2021

Prayer Walk: Protect Hualapai Water from Lithium Mining

Protect Ha'Kamwe'Come walk with us the first Saturday of December to protect Ha'Kamwe' from lithium mining! Meet at Cholla Ranch in Wikieup, Arizona, at 8 am on December 4, 2021. Visitors from out of town are welcome to camp at the ranch before and after.
Gum-yu (how are you) from Cholla Ranch. We are here to protect Ha'Kamwe'.
What are we protecting Ha'Kamwe' from? A lithium mine.
Hawkstone Mining Ltd., an Australian company, is developing the Big Sandy Lithium Project to mine lithium-containing clay. The next stage of exploration drilling would directly surround the tribal land including Ha'Kamwe', destroying

From Censored News: Lithium Mining: Greenwashing Mining for Batteries for Electric Cars, Cellphones and Laptops

Land and water in the Southwest United States, and south of the Arizona border in Sonora, Mexico, is now targeted for lithium mining.

Hawkstone Mining posted this map on its website showing targeted lithium mining sites.

Hualapai said the next stage of mining exploration would surround tribal land and affect cultural sites and block access to the oasis for desert wildlife.

 Exploration drilling is less than 700 ft from the spring.
The proposed mine includes:
- Massive open-pit mine
- Sulphuric acid plant to produce acid for extracting lithium from clay
- Slurry line to transport material from the mine to Kingman 50 mi away
- Pumping groundwater for the slurry line and the extraction process
- 24-hour lights + noise
- Construction of numerous access roads and drill pads

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JLS said...

Don't give your consent to such a destructive project! Our land base is more important than modern conveniences.