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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

AIM in Solidarity with United Farm Workers: The March to Sacramento

KPFA Radio's Frank Sterling of AIM solidarity with United Farm Workers and the American Indian Movement, in solidarity on the Walk to Sacramento in support of AB 2183, farmworker right to vote without harassment or intimidation. Photo courtesy Tony Gonzales, AIM West.

Farm workers on 24-day, 335-mile sacrificial march urging Newsom to sign farm worker voting rights bill

By United Farm Workers
August 1, 2022

DELANO, Calif.—With the fight to preserve voting rights against voter suppression underway nationwide, California farm workers are staging a sacrificial 24-day, 335-mile peregrinacion (pilgrimage or march) from Delano to Sacramento during the heat of summer to convince Governor Gavin Newsom to sign their bill giving farm workers protection from intimidation in elections to choose a union. Today, they must nearly always vote on grower property, amidst cynical voter suppression through abuse and intimidation by foremen, supervisors, and labor contractors.

Yakama and Umatilla Tribes Unite for Comprehensive Salmon Recovery

Yakama and Umatilla Tribes unite for comprehensive salmon recovery

Tribes call for inclusive solutions to saving Columbia Basin salmon


Andrea Tulee, Public Information Officer
Kaeleen McGuire, Public Relations Specialist

PRESCOTT, Washinton –– On Tuesday, Aug. 9, tribal leaders from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at Fishhook Park to advocate for working together to restore Columbia Basin salmon populations. The event highlighted the power of partnerships in finding comprehensive solutions to salmon recovery.

Leaders from Yakama Nation and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) celebrated the role of salmon in Northwest Native cultures and recommended taking immediate action to ensure endangered salmon do not go extinct.

The tribes also advocated for a comprehensive fish restoration strategy, which included considering breaching the four lower Snake River dams. They noted that tribes regularly work with non-Native communities to find collaborative solutions to challenges in the region—and they can do so again to keep these vital fish from disappearing forever.

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