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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Catholic Church Reaps Millions from Genocide of Native Children

Historic photo of St. Joseph's Indian School.

Native Children: Victims of fundraising and abuse by the Catholic Church

Brenda Norrell
Cenosred News
August 18, 2022

St Joseph's Indian School used young Lakota children in a television fundraising commercial today. It was broadcast on the Food Network.

Several Native children were used in the commercial for the school, operated by the Catholic Church in Chamberlain, South Dakota, with a history of horrific abuse.

Nick Estes, Lower Brule, describes the sexual abuse and beatings of Lakota who attended the school. It led to suicides.

Estes said the pedophiles and rapists at the school terrorized the children and girls who were impregnated by the priests.

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