Friday, September 14, 2012

AIM: Native American ' No Bear Hunt' resolutions submitted to Nevada governor

American Indian Movement (AIM)
Western and Northern Nevada Chapters

Contact: Buck Sampson, President, AIM of Western Nevada

Contact: Johanna Emm, Member, AIM of Northern Nevada

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Bear is “sacred animal” for Nevada Native Americans

Members of two Native American groups submitted petitions opposing the Nevada bear hunt to Governor Brian Sandoval today. The petitions state that Nevada’s Native Americans consider the bear a “sacred animal” and that they oppose the bear hunt for religious reasons. The petitions ask for the bear hunt to be permanently stopped, and are signed by approximately 713 Nevada Native Americans.

Members from all four of the Great Basin Tribes in Nevada signed the petitions (Northern and Southern Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe), as well as other tribes. It is estimated that 713 signatures represent almost 10% of the Native American voting population in Nevada.

The signatures were gathered primarily at Nevada Indian Pow Wows all around the State during the period April - September 2012.

Accompanying these petitions were resolutions opposing the bear hunt in Nevada from 11 different tribal councils within Nevada, as well as a resolution opposing the bear hunt from the Nevada Inter Tribal Council.

Both AIM groups support the Intertribal Council Resolution opposing the bear hunt, as well as the resolutions of individual Nevada tribal councils. 

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