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September 22, 2012

Hawk Elder Edna Gordon: The Natural Law of Creation

Hawk Elder Edna Gordon on Survival and Sovereignty

Censored News


Thank you Grandma Gordon, 91 years old, for sharing this message for the people with Censored News, written with your own handwriting!

By Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon

Broomstick Revolution with Harvey Arden should be out soon. We also have speak in October. I speak to all people to read the Censored News, to become alert to the events affecting our people of all Nations.

Survival on the Pathway to Peace
The Fundamental Roots of Peace is to abide by our Naturalistic Way of Life to fulfill the Creation Law for Peace and Survival.

Spiritual Earth Connection

Our Ancestors possessed the greatest insight for survival. They looked to the Great Spirit, source of All Life, and to the Earth as their Mother, dependant on Nature to Survive.

We Honor our Homeland Heritage by Birthright and our Naturalistic Way of Life for Peace and Survival.

Crossroads of Peace

Today, in this Progressive Era, we are still striving to maintain our Naturalistic Way of Life, yet, moving along with the Law of Changes.

Sacred Fires of Peace

Since the Equality of Life is the Basic root of Freedom, we need to revive the old, ancient trails that paved the Wilderness for Democracy.

Freedom of Life’s Choices

Sovereignty is our Freedom to Live in Harmony with Nature and the Laws of Creation are the Guidelines to Honor the Unity of One Body, One Heart, One Mind and One Spirit.

--Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon

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