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September 20, 2012

Project Gunrunner enters Oz phase with Attorney General denial

Censored News On the Border

Project Gunrunner enters Oz phase with Attorney General's denial

ATF Project Gunrunner brochure, revised in 2008.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TUCSON -- US Attorney General Eric Holder claims he didn’t know about Project Gunrunner‘s Fast and Furious. Maybe these reports will jog his memory.

There’s the Department of Justice report in 2010 which states that Project Gunrunner began in Laredo, Texas, during the Bush administration in 2005.

There’s the brochure of the assault weapons of Project Gunrunner published in 2008, circulated by an Arizona police officer, and exposed by Anonymous Lulzsec hackers:

Perhaps Holder was sequestered in a monastery, and didn’t know about Project Gunrunner’s Wide Receiver, as exposed by Arizona Daily Star, with weapons flowing out of Tucson in 2006.

Perhaps the Attorney General isn’t lying. Maybe he just doesn’t know much.

Here’s the simple version: The ATF supplied drug cartels in Mexico with assault weapons. It was done under the guise of weapons tracking to see who would buy and use those weapons. Of course using those weapons meant people would be murdered with them. Lots of people were murdered. The US funded drug war in Mexico turned into one of the bloodiest wars of assassinations, torture and dismemberment.

The bottom line is people died on both sides of the border because of those weapons. No one cared until a white Border Patrol agent was murdered near Nogales, Ariz., with one of those weapons. An ICE agent, Jaime Zapata, was also murdered in northern Mexico with one of those weapons, but no one seemed to care much about that.

Maybe Holder can remember it now.

If not -- lets all click our heels together and visit Oz.

In the news: Investigation finds no evidence AG knew of Fast and Furious:

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