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September 5, 2012

Texas blockaders lockdown to block Keystone XL pipeline again Sept. 5, 2012

Blockaders lockdown to halt Keystone XL pipeline
By Tarsands Blockade

It’s after lunch now, so we’re gonna follow the lead of our contractor and police friends and call it a day! But don’t believe for a second that we’re hangin’ up our hats!
Our 3rd action has been a huge success, and we’re only going to continue standing up for our friends and neighbors by calling fraud what it is – fraud. Tar Sands-sourced diluted bitumen slurry is not crude oil. It’s an exotic, radically toxic hydrocarbon surface-mining product that we will not permit to travel across our homes and freshwater sources without a fight!
Onward with keepin our homes safe!
UPDATE – 11:00AM: WE WON! All Law Enforcement Has Left the Scene!
WE WON! Guess they realized our brave Blockaders aren’t the real criminals! The few workers on site are filing out as well. We’ll be holding down the fort just to be sure!
***UPDATE – 10:45AM: Police Are Accusing Blockaders of Equipment Theft
Worst way to “steal” equipment EVER. Just sayin’…

***UPDATE – 9:30AM: 3 Hopkins Co. Sherrif’s Deputies Arrive on Scene more than 2 Hours after the Fact
Blockaders are holding strong!
***UPDATE – 9AM: 20 Workers Show Up, Are Turned Away from Site!
7 trucks with 20-25 workers showed up at the site to meet their Foreman only to be turned away. One truck with a ditch witch continued on to the easement. ALL truck plates were out of state plates including Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Local jobs anyone?
7AM – BREAKING! 3 Blockaders Locked to Equipment Halt Work at Another Keystone XL Site!
Landowner advocates lock selves to feller buncher machines in KXL easement’s path of destruction!
SALTILLO, TEXAS – September 5, 2012, 7AM – Three landowner advocates and climate justice organizers have locked themselves to feller buncher machines used for clearing large trees in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline. Today’s action has halted work on a segment of TransCanada’s illegitimate pipeline outside of Saltillo, TX. As promised, Tar Sands Blockade’s rolling campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience pushes forward.
Five blockaders total are currently risking arrest to stop work on this segment of the Keystone XL pipeline. Contractors discovered their presence early in the work day, and work at the site was called off shortly thereafter. Texas-born blockaders have united with neighbors from other states to support rural and neighboring communities threatened by the toxic pipeline’s diluted bitumen slurry.
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