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September 7, 2012

Sheep Dog Nation Rocks: Sovereign Dine' Nation Survival School

All Useless Politics Aside: Now, It's A Matter of the Future Generations, Pt. 2

By Sheep Dog Nation Rocks

Big Mountain Dineh Country, Black Mesa, AZ - Of all the political activISM and some with lies about solidarity, love, peace, liberation, and elders especially in regards to the Big Mountain, the indigenous struggle that were based on sovereignty and wisdoms of the earth are not honored but instead are ignored. This being committed by both indigenous and non-Native volunteer "activists." What should be more alarming to the faith of indigenous sovereign survival is that the future generations and the innocent little ones are being left out of the whole picture of activISM! Every protest actions or outlining of politic strategies are normally designed for older teens, other categories of youths, urban Indians, and for American Indian minded registered voters.

There are no events of cultural empowerment and inspiration that I hear about that are geared toward the little children, our indigenous children. Sure I hear about school programs that are overseen by foreign governments and states. In terms of resistance and de-colonialization, adults and urban youths are all focused on or distracted by confronting the policies of injustice and racISM elsewhere but are not being carried out on the ancestral lands that we still occupy.

Today, a very few of us are putting together a two and half day gathering and celebration that is completely focused on the little children who are descendants of and/or related to the Big Mountain Dineh resistance to coal mining, global warming, genocide, and laws of relocation. On behalf of the few remaining elders in resistance and extended family members that value the continued occupation of our ancestral territories, I ask you to continue reading this very important information about supporting this celebration of: aboriginal status, treaty rights status and two days dedicated to the our little ones. Among the few activities provided for them, they will be assisted to be creative and learn about who they are and where they come from. [Nbyk, Sheepdog Media]
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