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September 29, 2012

Long Walker Danny Wyatt passes to Spirit World

Photo by Sophie Adison/Long Walk 2 northern route
Photo by Marek/Long Walk Haskell, Kansas

Long walkers mourn the passing of their good hearted friend Danny Wyatt, Washoe from Gardnerville, Nevada. Danny was battling leukemia. During the Long Walk 2 northern route, Danny made friends fast with his good heartedness and laughter. Danny celebrated his 27th birthday in August. Shown here with Long Walkers Edmund and Daniel, Miwok, on the left, Danny was a friend to everyone, who also made the walkers happy by making fry bread for them.
Sincere condolescenses to his family and friends.
Long Walker Marek in Poland took the photo of Danny in Haskell, Kansas, the second photo.
Marek writes, "It’s very sad to hear that we miss another walker from the Longest Walk 2. I have met Danny only briefly a few times when the Northern and Southern Routes got together in 2008 but I remember him as a kind, open, and good hearted person, and a strong walker. There’s no justice in losing such good and young people so fast."
Peace and prayers to you and all around,
Marek Nowocien, Longest Walker All the Way, Poland
Top photo Danny Wyatt (seated lower right) by Sophie Adison. Sophie is our Navajo friend from Utah, whose 17-year-old daughter Kenzie was also a Long Walker on the 2 northern route. Thanks to all of you! Brenda, Censored News.
Second and third photos by Marek Nowocien (Danny in grey sweatshirt, second from left) in Haskell, Kansas.
Danny back center, at Kansas City Capitol.
Photo by Marek

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