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September 22, 2012

Terrance Nelson: Iran, Oil and the US Bloody Legacy

Terrance Nelson
Censored News

Terrance Nelson responds to Professor Sadiq Rahimi's article on the upcoming First Nations delegation to Iran. After Nelson, former Chief of Roseau River in Manitoba, announced the visit to Iran in October, with Dakota Chiefs, Canada quickly closed its Iranian Embassy.

Rahimi calls his own article, "Terrance Nelson's courtship with the Iranian Republic."
"What Nelson is attempting can have serious publicity and security implications for the Canadian government, both at home and internationally. Nelson is a popular leader among some disaffected aboriginal groups, and has repeatedly proven himself to be no stranger to either politics, controversy or militant activism. 'There are two ways to deal with the white man,' he says, 'you either pick up a gun, or you stand between him and his money.'"

By Terrance Nelson

The article seems straight forward but unfortunately it makes me the
issue. Rahimi is a University Prof and he is Iranian. I tell Iranians
here in Canada that even if they themselves are not big fans of the
Iranian government, remember, 567,000 Iraqi children died in the first
five years of the United Nations economic sanctions. The question for
the Iranians in North America is how many millions of Iranians are
going to die in the war against Iran.

Not too many people who read the Huffington Post article will open the
links that will give them an understanding of the issues.

I attach once again information that is clear, I have stated time and
again, a war against Iran is economic suicide for the United States.
If Israel bombs Iran, Israel will do more damage to the United States
than any terrorist has ever done. This will not be a cakewalk. Mission
Accomplished, I don't think so.

What I ask Americans is, how many Americans have been killed in the
last thirty years by Vietnamese. Once U.S. soldiers stopped killing
Vietnamese in their own lands, there has never been any killing of
U.S. soldiers by Vietnamese. They have never travelled to the United
States to kill Americans in their own home. So what right do claim
that allows us to be in some other people's land killing them because
they don't do as we tell them? This is about oil, it always has been
about oil.

Terrance Nelson

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