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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BBC World News airs Tohono O'odham border wall show

BBC World Service's Outlook radio program: 'Meet some of the world's most fascinating people'
The BBC airs a program from the Tohono O'odham border today, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007. The interviews are with Ofelia Rivas and Angie Ramon. Ofelia talks about the new passport laws and how the border wall is slicing through the O'odham ceremonial route and communities. Ofelia tells how construction of the border wall has already resulted in O'odham ancestors being dug up from their final resting place. Angie remembers her son, 18-year-old Bennett Patricio, Jr., run over and killed by the US Border Patrol. The program is reported by Brenda Norrell and recorded by KXCI Tucson's Amanda Shauger.
Listen to "Nation Divided?" on BBC World News online:
The show airs on BBC World Service's Outlook program: "Meet some of the world's most fascinating people."
Photo at The Gate on Tohono O'odham land/Brenda Norrell

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