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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dirty power plant deal keeps getting dirtier

By Elouise Brown
LITTLEWATER, N. M. -- Stephen C. Begay, the general manager of the Dine Power Authority, keeps banging the drum about the benefits of the Desert Rock mine-mouth power plant to Navajos. He says that “The Desert Rock energy project will bring economic, social and environmental benefits for the Navajo people.” I think that it is time to call him and his corporate partners to task for making statements they have not proved.
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Photo: Coal ash at the Four Corners Power Plant, one of the current polluters on the Navajo Nation. Black carbons from power plants are one of the reasons the ice is melting at the fastest rate ever in the Arctic, causing walrus, polar bears and seals to lose homelands and die.

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