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December 1, 2007

Mohawks 'Warrior's Hand Book'

Excerpts from the "Warrior's Hand Book"
by Karoniaktajeh

Warrior Society
"The Great Law has definite functions for the War Chief and his men (Warrior Society). They are charged with the protection, defense and welfare of the people. These duties may take many forms. Keeping the peace, teaching, public speaking, repossessing lost lands and human rights; and work of all useful kinds to promote the welfare of the people. Upholding the Great Law results in
Peace -- Righteousness -- Power
a noble work entrusted to the care of the Warrior Society."

Mohawk Ten Commandments
1. BE BRAVE AND FEARLESS as there can be no peace on earth for those who fear
2. BE STRONG. In this hard and cruel world, only the strong may know peace and happiness. To be weak is to invite aggression, oppression, tyranny, misery and woe.
3. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS for only those who fight for it can achieve human rights and respect. There is a right and wrong way to fight. Always propose to fight in a clever way for he who fights in a clever way is equal to a thousand men ... (continues through 10.)

Some definitions:
Indian Reserve: land set aside for use by Indians and surrounded by thieves
Indian Treaties: paper tigers that eat up both the Indians and their land
Mock Chiefs: system of chiefs on Indian reservations devised by the colonizers from Europe, such as Canada's Band Council chiefs and the U.S. Tribal Council chiefs. The purpose of mock chiefs is to bury the system devised by Indians such as the traditional system.

Warrior's Hand Book is available from
Kahentinetha Horn
Mohawk Nation News

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