Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 4, 2007

Great Indian women news publishers

By Brenda Norrell

Tim Giago celebrates three Native women publishers, Amanda Takes War Bonnet, Elizabeth Gray and Avis Little Eagle, in his recent column.
Remembering Little Eagle, Giago writes of her 10-part series on fake medicine men. Little Eagle went on to publish the Teton Times at Standing Rock.
As my former managing editor at Indian Country Today, Little Eagle inspired me with her direction and encouragement. She brought an optimism and love of journalism for Indian country, and a level of truth, that is rare.
Amanda Takes War Bonnet's courage has kept Lakota Country Times alive. Elizabeth Gray rose up to publish Oklahoma Indian Times, in the heart of Indian country.
Giago says, "These three strong Indian women have made a difference in Indian country. Their newspapers, unlike newspapers owned by the tribal governments, have an open-mindedness that allows dissenters to publish letters and articles critical of tribal government and even letters critical of their own newspapers and of themselves and whether they like you or don’t or whether they agree with your opinions or not, they never deny you the right to express yourselves on the pages of their newspapers. This you will never find in newspapers owned by the tribal governments or in many cases, in the mainstream media."

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