Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 29, 2007

Looking back at women, photos from 2007

(Top) Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham, on the US/Mexico border looks in the direction of her own community, whose ceremonial route has been dissected by this border wall, including a new barbed wire fence detrimental to migrating jaguar and Sonoran pronghorn.
Rose Main with her mother Vernie White Cow Main on Big Warm Creek, Gros Ventre land in northern Montana, search for ways to help Rose's brother Jim Main, Jr., jailed for over a year for a murder he said he did not commit. The trial has been delayed as new evidence surfaces on other people at the scene. Indian rights activists question if a fair trial is possible in a Montana border town. In the photo, Rose and her mom are enjoying fresh salmon brought by the Sohappy family.
Tohono O'odham Angie Ramon at the site where her son, Bennett Patricio, Jr., was ran over and killed by the US Border Patrol near the border in 2002. The Ninth Circuit upheld the lower court's decision and did not find fault with the Border Patrol. Angie, still seeking answers and justice, now has the option of filing murder charges and searches for an attorney.
A Raging Granny protests the war in Iraq in Tucson and asks George Bush how many kids has he killed today.
Photos by Brenda Norrell

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