Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

December 30, 2007

Global news: Republic of Lakota

By Brenda Norrell

The Lakota Freedom Delegation's website has had a half million hits in one week, visitors have been from 100 countries.
News of the Lakota Freedom Delegation's action has appeared around the world, from Taiwan and China to Russia, Italy and Argentina. It has been translated into the majority of the world's global languages. Here's a list collected from Google breaking news:
After the Mohawk warriors supported the Lakota delegation, Kahentinetha Horn, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, received e-mails stating that she should tell both sides of the story.
Kahentinetha said, “I am not neutral. I am on the side of the traditional Indigenous people, not tribal council sell-outs and those who get a government ‘handout’ and do the bidding of their ‘masters.’ I am not objective.
“I am for Indigenous law, international law and human rights. For me, there is only one side to this -- the side of right which is being exercised by those who have no fear of doing so. The rest have been scared into fear of changing a life deforming colonial system. Yes, I am very subjective on the issue of Indigenous sovereignty. I will never support illegal and genocidal federal Indian law. I will never be on the side of promoting colonial lies. I will not give them the time of day!"

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SwampRabbit said...

seems like the Republic of Lakota is being censored for real now. Just visited site and sent email, site is currently parked on godaddy and mail bounces back.