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December 26, 2007

Turks express support for Lakota delegation

Turks Express Support For Declaration Of Independence

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MILLIYET, Turkey -- Following the recent news about Native American Sioux-Lakota tribe's declaration of independence from the U.S., a message of support from Turks was sent to the tribe’s representative Russell Means.
Turkish Consumers Union President Bulent Deniz wrote in his message to Means, “This independence that you have declared against the U.S. - the main actor of imperialism - has pleased and excited everyone in the world that stands up against imperialism. In the present situation of the continuing tragedy in Iraq, this initiative of the real owners of American lands is fully supported by the Turkish Consumers Union”.
Source: Milliyet, Turkey, December 26, 2007 Posted at: 2007-12-26

More press coverage at Radio Netherlands
The Lakota Freedom Delegation announced more than 100 Nations have visited their website:

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