Arrogant Canadian mining company says it is above US law

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Western Shoshone prevailed in the Ninth Circuit Court this week in their efforts to halt gold mining on sacred Mount Tenabo. However, the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold said it will ignore the US federal court ruling and continue mining. While Barrick plans to continue its genocidal mining in Indigenous territories, Barrick's stockholders have taken notice and stocks plummeted.
Toronto-based Barrick Gold says it will ignore the US Ninth Circuit Court ruling and continue gold mining on the Western Shoshone's sacred Mount Tenabo:
"Barrick Gold Corp. fell more than 10% at one point Friday, as investor sentiment toward the world's largest gold miner suffered amid a sharp drop in gold prices and after a court suggested a temporary halt to construction of a major Barrick mine." -- Wall Street Journal
Photo: Western Shoshone Carrie and Mary Dann from the film 'American Outrage.'


Anonymous said…
it is most likely that a political entity that will go nameless that had told the company to go ahead and by the time it took to stop them then it would be too late. Well, that may ahve worked in the past but it is not possible now. Supreme Court of canada has already ruled on that and it has decided it is upto the Chief of Police's responsibilty to act upon matters in his area, but since no one there votes for the ass-hole then he has nothing to worry about.
Unknown said…
Why would a company that has lost 10% of its worth just being itself, I am in the understanding that gold is going through the roof, and Barrick Gold is going south, think maybe that this company only knows how to go down.

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