Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Goin' Native: Indian Comedy Slam' hit on Showtime

Showtime's New Year Eve hit: 'Goin' Native: Indian Comedy Slam'

LOS ANGELES -- This is real funny stuff. “Goin’ Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam” features comedian Charlie Hill with Jim Ruel, J.R. Redwater, Marc Yafee, Vaughn Eagle bear, Larry Omaha and Howie Miller. Showtime aired Goin’ Native on New Years Eve. It will be available 'On Demand' January 1 -- 28, 2010.
Native: Indian Comedy Slam'
Showtime Description
This history-making original concert showcases the funniest Native American comedians performing today, gathered together on one stage. Featured alongside host Charlie Hill are Larry Omaha, Howie Miller and four up-and-comers making their mark on the standup scene: Marc Yaffee, Jim Rule, Vaughn Eagle Bear and JR Redwater.


Lori Jean Apala said...

I caught the show after a full day of watching the news channels and the ball dropping in Times Square. The LOL comedy was exactly what I needed. The artists combined the reality of today's current events with events well-known in the Native American Community, such as Homeland Security, History, and Family values. It was hilarious and well-put together. My hat is off to you gentlemen and thank you for teaching that all of us "Indians" are not as "up-tight" as our stereotype persona suggests.

Anonymous said...

I just watched this on Showtime. Funnnny!

But for the life of me I can't read those credits. What is the ending rap song?

Anonymous said...

I had to privilege of watching this last night with my son, who by the way told me about it, it was exactly what I needed to unwind from a days work. Hope to see more to these gentlemen in the future. Keep up the excellent work. I will definitely tell my family about this show.

Anonymous said...

I caught this show about a month ago and laughed so much! I'm glad to see how the comedians shed light on sensitive issues with humor! Great job and thanks for making me and hundereds of others laugh! I am a Native American history buff and I related to all the issues and am glad that I can now look at them in a humorous manner! Again, THANKS!!!...

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