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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Canada's Nazi border guards

Canada's Nazi border guards

By Brenda Norrell

SAN FRANCISCO - When Canada's Nazi border guards detained Amy Goodman, they hoped to silence any critical comments she would make about the 2010 Olympics.

It backfired.

Goodman said she didn't plan to discuss the Olympics in her talk. Now she has plenty to say about Canada's oppression and the Olympics.

It was Canada's border guards who beat up and attempted to murder Mohawk grandmother Kahentinetha Horn, publisher of Mohawk Nation News. Border guards put her in a stresshold used for torture and induced a heart attack in 2006.

Another prominent woman was also halted at the border in 2007, anti-torture activist retired Army Col. Ann Wright. Peace activist Wright was denied entry into Canada.

At both the northern and southern borders, along the lonely corridors when no one else is around, US border guards continue to murder and rape people of color. The facts are in the federal court records. Far from the glare of border crossing lights and the television public relations campaigns disguised as news, US border agents continue to smuggle drugs.

Meanwhile, in Canada, border agents are unable to squelch the rising tide of Native resistance to the Olympics 2010. The campaign declares, "No Olympics on Stolen Land."

The Canadian border guards who attempted to silence Goodman, have done just the opposite. In fact, these border guards deserve some sort of award for the dumbest, most outrageous, poorly-thought out attack on a journalist.

Of course, the real question is: Who gave the order?

Now, Goodman is exposing the fact that anti-Olympics activists are being followed and targeted by Canadian police. Goodman said that according to the critics, police can even raid your home if you put an Olympic protest sign in the window. This fact gives rise to the idea of a global movement: 'No Olympics on Stolen Land,' signs in windows around the world.

The Native Youth Movement Warrior Society released this statement:

"Indigenous Sisters band Brothers of the North, what the invaders call KKKanada, for the next 106 days the Olympic Torch will run our Great Lands. The Olympic torch, a flamed staff that represents white supremacy, is running through Indigenous Nations and Territories, symbolizing their theft and dominance of our Lands and Ways.

For 106 days every Indigenous Nation in these Lands has the opportunity to talk to the world about your issues and show Unity between all Nations here who have a common oppressor, and common Invader, KKKlanada ("Canada"). Let us Unite voices and show the World we are a Proud and Independent People who will never Surrender our Lands."

Not only is the Torch running our Lands, they are also going to get Native people to participate in their evil ceremonies, KKKanada wants the world to think Native people are compliant and even eager to be assimilated into the white way of life.

We call on all Native Nations of the North to show the World we are Strong and Dignified People, the Survivors of a 500-year old Holocaust that has taken 250 million Indigenous lives, whose Lands are illegally occupied and destroyed, who are a People who will never accept defeat.

Ever since their Invasion we have resisted, as this is written Indigenous People are Blockading roads to prevent destruction, Original People are still living on the Land not dependent on the Invading governments for survival, only needing clean Land, Air and Water for Sustenance. The goal of the Invaders is to make us fully dependent on them to survive, giving us no choice but to live white, when we refuse we are arrested or murdered.

This is a unification call to the Proud and Strong Nations of the North, the Songhees, Kwakwaka'wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth, Halkomelem, Cowichen, Tuchone Tlinget, Inuit, Innu, Mohawk, Six Nation Conferderacy, Annishinabe, Cree, Algonquin, MikM'aq, Maliseet, Wabanaki, Siskita, Dakota, Nakota, Stoney, Dene, Gwich'in, Tahltan, Gitsan, Wetsuitan, Haisla, Nisga, Sekani, Dakelh, Tsimshian, Nuxalk, Heiltsuk,Tsilcotin, Secwepemc, Nlaka'pamux, Okanagan, Ktnuxa, St'at'imc, Stolo and all unmentioned Nations .

When the Torch passes through your Lands and communities, this is your opportunity to let the world know what is happening in your Land, tell them the true story and the real relationship between the Invaders known as KKKanada and your Indigenous Nation. Let the world know the Land and Water can never be sold, Natural Law is more powerful than man-made law, they fear
our Unity. Plan some form of action when the torch passes your area, stop it or chase them to the edge of your Lands and let the next Nation pick up where you left off. No evil Invader Torch on Native Land!"

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I'm a foreigner myself from Asia, I, strongly, agree with you. Good luck, we both gonna need it.

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