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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tulley's Notes from Copenhagen: Evo Morales

Earl Tulley's Notes from Copenhagen: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales Take Centerstage
The Weather is Overcast and Quite a Storm Brewing
Article and photos by Earl Tulley, Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona
Censored News
COPENHAGEN -- Hugo Chaves and Evo Morales are putting it all on the table. Hugo spoke of a ghost in the room referring to a Copenhagen Agreement which had and was drafted before the end of Cope 15. Morales spoke of taking part in actions with some of the activists, then said after the decade of Indigenous Peoples was secured. But asked what was accomplished thereafter. Morales met with Indigenous participants and said it is the people who are the movers and that capitalism is not the answer nor the solution.
In regards to actions within the Bela Center, a group of NGO's staged a walk out. Police/security escorted them through the building. They joined protesters outside. Some participants (protesters) re-entered the Bela Center after asking for assistance from the Bolivian government. They noted it was cold out side -- it is snowing -- Denmark weather is cold.
Who is here? It is quite easy to see statesmen or women making their presence and their role could be determined by the trail of press core members following them as they make their way through the crowd. Senator Kerry entered with a parade of cameras. The common person (NGO) enters the center after clearing a number (of many) security check points -- going to confession should be a breeze for those who need to get straight now after going through "hopenhagen" security.
The word on the floor is that there will be no agree, no paper, and if there is one it will not be binding. The lady heading Cop15 stepped down to make way for Denmark to send her head of state (Denmark) INFORMALLY she is making way for a designated hitter or go-to-man. This person will be chairing the final day of Cop15. Let's see which head of state will be at the mic in the morning ...
For the last two days passes are cut from 1,500 NGOs to 1,000 NGOs and only 12 NGOs will enter Bela Center. Others will be at other side events -- Indigenous NGOs are cut to 13-16, we were informed this evening.
We all know the world is watching and praying for our successful journey. Therefore participating in protests is not on the mind of many -- our Greenland and Arctic supporters are with us each step of the way.
That be all for now -- thanks BRENDA NORRELL for posting our notes
(Special thanks to my longtime friend Earl Tulley for sending these notes and photos from Copenhagen. Earl has been my friend since I moved to the Navajo Nation in 1979. Along with the late Leroy Jackson, Navajo, he began the modernday movement to protect the Navajos' Chuska Mountain from clearcut logging, which gave birth to a new Native environmental movement. We remember today Leroy Jackson who died in this labor of love. -- Brenda Norrell, Censored News)
Photos by Earl Tulley: Evo Morales is in photo one. Earl Tulley appears on the right in photo three.
Breaking News: UK Guardian 'Morales stuns Copenhagen'

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