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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Earl Tulley, Navajo: Notes from Copenhagen

From Earl Tulley, Navajo, at 4:45 am Monday, Denmark time

Yaah (only Swedee word I know)

Doing well here in this part of the world, wonderful people and location is great. I have passes with the help of our Arctic relatives (Arctic Athabaskan Council of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.) Yesterday heard church bells ring out in the community of Copenhagen am certain it is on CNN. There are protests, but we are keeping our noses clean of this activity, both have heavy fines and jail time which are not within my budget and respect to our host -- Athabaskan's, but the police are nice. The buildings and food are beyond words, everyone is on a bike -- they have more bikes than a Navajo has dogs, in front of stores -- Burger King, 7 to11, McD's are here as well. Need two forms of currency, as we work in Sweden and sleep in Demark. Have a great day, I plan to.

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Anonymous said...

Earl, you do your people proud! Keep writing, I want to follow your activities. I know what you mean about the bikes in Copenhagen. Crazy! I was there in August. It's a lovely city. Enjoy every moment.