Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Navajo Relocation Hearings

The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission's hearings on Relocation: December - in Tonalea - 12/16, Pinon - 12/17, and New Lands - Nahat Dziil - 12/18. January hearings are in Tuba City -1/14, and Flagstaff - 1/13.
It is important for all who are affected by the forced relocation and the 1974 PL-93531 Navajo Hopi Relocation act to have the opportunity to put on record how this has impacted them, their elders, and their children.
If you have any questions please call our office...928-871-7436.
Sheree D. Peshlakai - Public Information Officer
Office of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission
P: (928)871-7436
F: (928)871-7437

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