Wednesday, December 30, 2009

US Hall of Shame

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
It is interesting that President Obama is vacationing in Hawaii and playing golf, while so much of America is cold and hungry this holiday. Elderly, on small fixed incomes, are finding it harder than ever to buy fuel this winter. Many elderly, like Navajos, still chop wood to heat their homes. When they are sick, who is there to chop wood for them? Who is remembering them this Christmas and New Year?
--Censored News
Pine Ridge residents running low on fuel and food
Mary Garrigan
Rapid City Journal
Lloyd Wilcox hauled groceries home on a sled Tuesday to a house without heat, days after a severe winter storm paralyzed the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and left an estimated 800 homes there without propane.
Five days after the storm hit on Christmas Eve, reservation residents are still facing unplowed roads, electrical outages, broken water pipes and diminishing supplies of food and fuel.
On Tuesday, Oglala Sioux Tribe President Theresa Two Bulls declared a state of emergency for the reservation. Two Bulls and the tribe’s Emergency Management Team conferred Tuesday with representatives from the state Office of Emergency Management and road departments in Fall River, Custer and Haakon counties to coordinate snow removal efforts.
Maureen Last Horse agrees that her broken water pipes, impassable road and lack of propane constitute an emergency at her isolated home about 7 miles southwest of Kyle. Read more ...

Reader Comments:

"And the 9 Million this little vacation cost us would buy enough wood for everyone in Navajo land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Navajo Reader Comment:
"Thank- you Brenda, I know my parents don't have anybody to chop wood for them, and your right when they get sick nobody is there to do it for them, they are alone on a mesa.

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Anonymous said...

Ya'all Injuns can keep foolin' yourselves, and keep a-voting for Amerikan colonialist leadership. While a few of us continue to VOTE for our elders' wisdom which might soon be extinct --along with our treaty sovereignty. - Kat of Big Mtn.

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