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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earl Tulley: Notes from Copenhagen: 'We gave our best'

By Earl Tulley, Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona

COPENHAGEN -- So how much is 100 billion dollars? Evo Morales stated if the USA wanted to “save humanity” not a portion of humanity (half of humanity). Hugo Chavez praised Morales for being re-elected recently and with 60 percent plus vote cast for the first indigenous leader. World leaders want more money from the US, the funds spent on the war were put in the sun light.
ALBA hosted an event with dancing and singing and speeches by Latin American leaders Cuba – Raul Castro sent a representative. The energy of Chavez' delivery is comparable to Obama. Hugo Chavez has a class act of his own with a thundering voice. People cheered and the big screen vibrated with all the energy at the ALBA event.
NGO’s noted their input is the foundation to future meetings, action at the local community level is important. Presentations at the KIMA Forum was not over-shadowed by the influx of world leaders gathered in Copenhagen -- world class presenters came in force and delivered. Next stop Mexico City. As for Friends of the Earth scheduled to present at main stage at the Bela Center, it was canceled due to their involvement in actions on the streets.
Throughout Copenhagen protesting carried into the night with Politi’s (police) facing off with warriors of street and environment, all people arrested have passports taken away. Am certain they will spend more time in Demark. As noted 2/3 of the 9,000 politi force have been on duty for the event and climate change has a whole new meaning for men detained.
As noted depending on which side of the street you are on, it is agreed Copenhagen did not produce an agreement riding on the wings of many prayers. Thus 100 billion could buy plenty of milk -- milk before meat Copenhagen is a start.
We tried and gave our 'bestes' with 'HOPENHAGEN
--Earl Tulley
Photos by Earl Tulley: ALBA Event Hugo Chavez at the mic with South American Leaders on the stage; Arctic Peoples gathering plenty of great Arctic food and speakers; the mail man in the snow; North and South America meet - making plans for Mexico City.

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Carina said...

:-D photo turned out great mr Tulley! with good greetings from Carina in Sweden who second your words about the ALBA meeting - it was powerful! nice to meet you there

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