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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Northern Cheyenne 'Chiefs' Prophecy'

The Chiefs' Prophecy" by Leo Killsback, Northern Cheyenne, is among the award-winning films to be screened at the Haskell Indian Nations University American Indian Film Festival on March 26 and 27, 2010. Watch trailer at:

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Non Violent Resistance: Ploughshares Activists Acquitted

Adrian Leason, Father Peter Murnane and Sam Land – the three men who were charged with intentional damage and unlawful entry at Waihopai spy base – have today expressed their thanks to the jury, the judge, and the prosecution and defence lawyers.
At the conclusion of the trial, Father Peter, Sam and Adrian said they feel privileged to have helped uncover the true nature of the spy base. “Our actions in disabling the spy base and stopping the flow of information helped save lives in Iraq”, added Adrian.
“What has been humbling for us to realise is how our witness has impacted on so many people around the world and at home”, said Sam.
“We did not try to avoid the consequences of our actions, because we respect the rule of law although we do believe we are ultimately accountable to a higher authority. We damaged property at the spy base in order to save victims of war and torture. It's all about Jesus' command for us to treat all people as our brothers and sisters”, said Father Peter.
The jury heard that the Waihopai Echelon spy base is New Zealand's largest contribution to the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq. The ongoing war has resulted in horrific war crimes, including more than one million dead Iraqi civilians, torture, and permanent poisoning of parts of Iraq by the use of depleted uranium munitions.
The jury also heard evidence from a former British Echelon intelligence analyst, Katherine Gunn. She blew the whistle on secret Echelon spying operations when she was instructed by the US National Security Agency to spy on United Nations Security Council members leading up to the US invasion in 2003.
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Haskell American Indian Film Festvial

Stories 'N Motion American Indian Film Festival

Next Friday and Saturday
Photo from film: 'Video Letters from Prison'

Start Time: Friday, March 26, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 11:00pm
Location: Haskell Auditorium, Haskell Indian Nations University, 155 Indian Avenue, Lawrence, Ks 66046

Friday March 26-6pm, showing of "Rez Bomb" with Q and A with Native Actor Russell Means approx. 7:30pm Haskell Auditorium

Saturday March 27-
1pm- Contrary Warrior- This recounts the life and work of Native American artist, activist, author and teacher, Adam Fortunate Eagle. Laurence M. Hauptman, the distinguished professor of history at SUNY New Paltz, best sums up the documentary’s subject: “Adam Fortunate Eagle is a prominent Native American artist, author and activist who has helped shape the modern American Indian world. Born on the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota, he attended the federal Indian boarding school at Pipestone Minnesota. In the 1950s he moved to California where he soon became a successful businessman, artist and leader of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Native American community."

2:30- Video Letters from Prison- This movie follows the lives of three Oglala Lakota sisters as they reconnect with their incarcerated father via a series of video letters. The Poor Bear girls are not sure they even want to connect—but their mother, Cindy, helps them overcome reluctance and hurt to participate in the letters. The change in her girls is immediate and beautiful.

3:35- 5 Minute Film Flick

3:45-The Great American Footrace (With producers Dan Bigbee and Lily Shangreaux in attendance) Andy Payne, an Oklahoma Cherokee, was twenty years old when he decided to enter the 1928 Trans-Continental Foot Race. When asked why Andy said “I just thought I could do it”. Andy would finish in first place after the 84 day ordeal.

5:00- The Chiefs Prophecy (with discussion with director L.Killsback to follow)-In his film, Killsback traces the history of leadership in the tribe, the original warrior societies and the complex Cheyenne Council of 44 that relied on values such as peace, dignity, honor, compassion, cooperation and native spirituality. In the second section of the four-part film, viewers learn that after a series of wars, the tribe was forced onto a reservation in 1884.
All practices of the Cheyenne religion were outlawed, and a Bureau of Indian Affairs-established police force diminished the tribe's warrior system, according to Killsback. The BIA appointed its own leaders, also undermining the warrior society system, and spiritual leaders had to compete with the Christian churches

6:20-5 Minute flick

6:30- In Good Fun (movie by Stories ‘N Motion club member Curtis Woods)

7:20-The Hardships of Being President (movie by Stories ‘N Motion club member Taylor Haynes)

7:30- Jim Thorpe: The World’s Greatest Athlete-a biography of the Native American athlete who became a sports icon in the first half of the 20th century. This is a film about a man who used his amazing physical prowess as a way to affirm his American Indian identity in the face of unrelenting efforts to eradicate Native American culture. Jim Thorpe, The World’s Greatest Athlete. It is the first documentary film to tell the story of Thorpe’s life outside of his well-known athletic victories.
The film uses in-depth interviews with Thorpe’s surviving children, some simple recreations and images culled from over seventy-five archive sources, both stills and motion picture.

8:45- Coming to Terms (Premiere of Stories ‘N Motion production) romantic comedy

Russell Means: UN Listening Session is US Smokescreen

Statement by Russell Means, Republic of Lakotah
on the Occasion of the United States State Department “Listening Session” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 16 March 2010

Once again, the occupation government of the United States of America has trotted out its dogs and ponies to provide a smokescreen and diversion from its continuing crimes against the indigenous peoples and nations of the Western Hemisphere. The reason for today’s media spectacle is supposedly for the US State Department to “listen” to input from indigenous peoples and nations for inclusion in the U.S.’s report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, universal periodic review process.

As we can see, many indigenous people have been duped to participate, yet again, in a lying and duplicitous process of the United States. The United States has absolutely no interest or intention of admitting to the world its human rights record that is neither justifiable nor defensible. In particular, the record of the United States with regard to historical, and ongoing, violations of over 370 treaties that were negotiated and signed with indigenous nations must be, but will not be, addressed by the United States. Instead, as is its ongoing practice, the United States will use this session, and the one tomorrow on the territory of the DinĂ© (Navajo) Nation, as its justification that indigenous peoples were “consulted,” and “listened to,” while the U.S. simultaneously lies to the world about its disgraceful human rights record.

The Republic of Lakotah will not legitimize this embarrassing process. Instead, we will submit our report directly to the UN Human Rights Council, not to be filtered or sanitized by the State Department. Let us be clear, our report will be scathing. The United States continues, on a daily basis to violate the terms of the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties with the Lakotah. Our report will indicate that the United States never intended to abide by the terms of the treaties, and has violated them consistently from the time of their signing to the present.

Our report will also cite the United States’ own language in acknowledging that “the treaties retain their full force and effect even today because they are the legal equivalent of treaties with foreign governments and have the force of federal law.” Periodic Report of the United States of America to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, April 23, 2007, paragraph 335. In light of the United States’ own admissions, in addition to reporting to the Human Rights Council on the egregious human rights record of the US towards indigenous peoples, the Republic of Lakotah will report to the Council and to the world, the exercise of its own rights under principles of international law. The United States has continually breached the treaties with the Lakotah, and international law allows the Lakotah to return to our status quo ante position prior to the signing of the treaties.

On March 30, 2010, the Republic of Lakotah will repeat its position to the United States, and will transmit its communication to the President of the United States and to the Secretary of State, demanding that the United States cease and desist it activities in Lakotah territory, and insisting that the United States withdraw its presence from our homeland.
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