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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tucson: Indigenous Peoples Protest Against SB 1070 and HB 2281

TUCSON: Indigenous Peoples Protest Against SB 1070 and HB 2281
Indigenous Peoples Protest Againt SB 1070 and HB 2281
Date: Friday, May 21, 2010
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location: US Immigration Court
Street: 160 North Stone Avenue
City/Town: Tucson, AZ
Anti-immigration bills such as SB 1070 rest on the "securing" of the borders in order to manage the flow of migration. This securing includes and is not limited to a physical wall to be made on Indigenous land (Tohono O'odham/Lipan Apache to name a few.) The state's power to waive pre-existing laws (such as NEPA, NAGPRA) in the name of security, directly attacks Indigenous autonomy/sovereignty. The "political" solution will bring forced removal and relocation of the many Indigenous nations that span "their" borders by means of a reinforced physical barrier. In addition, the peoples who will be primarily targeted for racial profiling will be Indigenous peoples on both sides of the U.S/Mexico border. The passage of HB 2281 further contributes to the cultural genocide of Indigenous peoples by criminalizing the histories of Indigenous peoples in our own lands within the Arizona public school system. The immigration struggle is also an Indigenous struggle.
For those attending the NAISA conference, please gather in the lobby of Westin at 10:15am.
For more information on the protest, contact:
Alex Soto, O’odham Solidarity Across Borders, 602-881-6027
Eric Hardy, Council Advocating an Indigenous Manifesto
NAISA members: contact Mishuana Goeman, Southern California Native Feminist Group, at
Support the following Indigenous groups organizing against SB 1070:
O’odham Solidarity Against Borders Collective
Táala Hooghan Infoshop
Lipan Apache Women’s Defense
O'odham Voices Against the Wall,
Council Advocating an Indigenous Manifesto

The Anamolies of Histories: The Masters Narrative and the Wakeup Call from the Nightmare of Manifest Destiny

The Anomaly of Histories:
The Masters Narrative and the Wakeup Call from the Nightmare of Manifest Destiny

Coyote Radio on American Indian Airwaves
Interview with Tupac Enrique Acosta of TONATIERRA

The Jurisprudence of the Cochabamba Protocols vs Arizona SB1070
The bill itself is one of the instruments in the overall assault that has ongoing in the territory for the past few hundred years. This didn’t start with Sheriff Arpaio or the County Attorney Andrew Thomas. This begins with the story of Manifest Destiny and also that was launched by the continental invasion of Abya Yala under the Doctrine of Discovery, in terms of jurisprudence. There is an attribute of what goes on today, when we are discussing legalization or discussing comprehension and comprehensive immigration reform, it seems to be that we are taking the framing of the colonizing regime and assuming and presuming that these are instruments of legality, whereas if we are to do a more comprehensive evaluation based on the Right of Self Determination, the Principles of UN Resolution 1514 (1960) which states that “All Peoples have the Right of Self Determination” and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007), from that perspective we need to address the current laws such SB1070 as another attempt by the European American constituencies to define and control allegiances, and retain their bases of political power as constituencies of “white” America.
Embassy of Indigenous Peoples
From Selma to Phoenix, from Civil Rights to Human Rights and, the Rights of Mother Earth!
The Cochabamba Protocols
Respect - Respeto
Inclusion - Inclusividad
Complementarity - Complementariedad
Peace - Paz
The Declaration of Interdependence
Land - La Madre Tierra: Los Cinco Continentes - The Five Continents
Water - Agua: The Single Sea - La Abuelita Mar
Air - Aire: The Atmosphere - El Atmósfera
Sun - Sol: Energy Systems - Sistemas Energeticas
Columbus is Not a Day
The 20th Political Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, Article 416, numer 6 “advocates the beginning of universal citizenship, free mobility of all inhabitants of the planet and the progressive ending of the foreigner condition”, and number 7 “demands respect for human rights, in particular for the rights of migrants” (Article 45, Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, 2009:183). Moreover, both the third section “Human mobility” and the tenth section “Population and human mobility” emphasize in the right to migrate, to ask for refuge and appeals to the principle of universal citizenship. With this constitutional proposal, Ecuador bets for a new conception of citizenship that points towards the principle of free informed mobility, entry in receiving countries, and local and regional development due to the free movement of persons.
Embassy of Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Alliance Without Borders: 'We are now living in a No Brown Zone'

Indigenous Alliance Without Borders urges solidarity in the battle against racism in Arizona, support Battle of Phoenix on May 29, 2010

By Indigenous Alliance without Borders/Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras

Indigenous Peoples and immigrants have much in common, in particular the alienation and oppression we experience in U.S. society.

The U.S. Government fails to protect the Rights of Indigenous Peoples -- A roll of the United States Supreme Court throughout history in the protection of the rights of minorities.

The Supreme Court has moved away from from the guideline principles called 'canons of construction.' Under those guidelines, the court would interpret treaties and Indian statues in favor of the tribes when they were unclear or uncertain. It is one area of law that has always been useful for tribes. Now, with the creation of Homeland Security, War Against the Poor, War Against Drugs, War Against Terrorism and Now, with the War Against Minorities in Arizona, Indigenous peoples will continue to be profoundly affected!

Many Indigenous peoples are intensely caught up in the current debate of issues. Individual Indians and groups in the Indian communities, while they may disagree on current tribal priorities and ways, must look beyond all current disputes and work together for the concept of Global Vision, Unity, Community Partnership and Coalition Building.

Once again Indigenous Peoples are being left out of the whole anti-immigrant, anti-people of color and anti-ethnic legislation and debate!

The long history of assimilation, termination, cultural genocide and genocide policies is not over for Indian peoples.

Its time to Organize, Speak Out, Join Forces with Other People of Color Movements to bring attention and fight for Indigenous Rights, Sovereignty Rights, Border Rights of Mobility & Passage, Cultural Rights and Environmental Protection of Mother Earth.

The privilege of citizenship were slow to come to the Indigenous peoples while the responsibility came right of way. The Navajo Code Talkers served at a time that Arizona was still denying them to vote.

Now, all of us Indians have to be careful about being brown in a no brown zone whether you are a veteran or not. Your children will not be allowed to learn about the contributions American Indians made to this great nation. Our children/grandchildren will not be allowed to learn about our elders, culture and ways. They will only learn about the good things the great "White Fathers" founders and builders did for this Nation and for all of us.

The is very much at the heart of the mission of the Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras: Calling attention to the people who have the least voice and to bring that conversation forward.

We must be part of the Pozole Event, The Call to Action, Support & PARTICIPATE the Battle of Phoenix ON SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010!!!!!!