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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peoples Movements Assembly Southwest Tour Conclusion

Living the Peoples Movements Assembly in the Southwest organizing tour The People’s Movement Assembly Southwest Organizing tour, the Conclusion
By Alba Mota
The People’s Movement Assembly Southwest Organizing tour from June 1st to July 6th, 2011 served as political and social catalyst for flow and exchange of information and network building related to the social and political struggles of the disenfranchised communities of the Southwest of the United States. On one hand, encouraging discussion, analysis and understanding of the issues of the Southwest indigenous community such as: land and water contamination, warfare production near civilian communities, lack to access to quality food for indigenous communities, right to food sovereignty, violations of sacred land and mountains, and other hand, taking a closer look to the Chicano movement history and the young people involvement in community organizing. How these young people are seeking to find through cultivation of the land a way to identify issues and seek a different approach for fighting back.
Nonetheless, these struggles are very much invisible to the rest of the country and disconnected to the realty that touches upon the reality of the rest of the United States and Latin America. Read more ...

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