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July 6, 2011

Reno Gazette Journal promotes attackers in hate crime

Reno Gazette Journal joins the copycat reporters, copying
Censored News articles

By Brenda Norrell.
Censored News

The Reno Gazette Journal joined the copycat crew today, copying information from two articles in Censored News. If the journalists who are receiving paychecks were doing their jobs, they wouldn't have to sit in their easy chairs, and wait for the unpaid writers at Censored News to do it for them.

One article is about a Northern Paiute traditional gatherer being fined $800 by the Nevada Game and Fish.

The other article is disturbing, as the Reno Gazette Journal prints an extensive interview with the family of an accused attacker in a hate crime, without interviewing the victims.

The Reno Gazette's coverage reveals why racists continue to attack in the state of Nevada with impunity. In this case, the accused white attacker is the son of a retired police detective in Lyon County, Nevada.

Reno Sparks Indian Johnny Bonta was not only beaten and stabbed, but the attackers attempted to slit his throat, which is attempted murder. His son-in-law was also beaten in the attack by three men. Johnny Bonta, the victim, was jailed with a broken nose and cuts and bruises. He was denied medical treatment in jail. Police refused to take a statement from the family. Johnny Bonta was never charged and was only released from jail when tribal authorities intervened.

The Reno Gazette reporter takes the hit and run approach, saying the victims, the Bontas, could not be reached for comment by press time. This is unacceptable, reprehensible reporting in a hate crime.

Forbes did a far better story reporting the hate crime. However, if Forbes did not actually interview the family, then credit should be given to Censored News, or the subsequent copycat reporters who waited for Censored News to take all the risks, and then came out of hiding to collect their paychecks.

The hate crime took place on May 24. The Reno Gazette woke up from its snooze today on July 6, in time to do some damage control for the family of a retired white police officer.

Mainstream news reporters, don't think I'm doing your work for you so you can sit in your easy chairs and collect a paycheck off my efforts. That includes you, Indian Country Today, and your 'reporter' that I haven't seen out on a news story in the past 29 years.

And that includes you Reno Gazette Journal which copied two of my articles on Censored News on Wednesday. Then, you, the Journal promoted the attackers in a hate crime -- without interviewing the victims. Your journalism is a crime against humanity.

For all of you reporters who want to know what is in the Chinga La Migra downloads from Arizona police files, please feel free to stay up all night, every night, downloading torrents, zip drives and software updates so you can read, study and evaluate the massive data. Again, I'm not doing your work for free so that you can get a paycheck.

Forbes article:

Reno Gazette Journal favors alleged hate crime attackers:

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