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July 12, 2011

San Francisco Peaks 'Operation: Become the Media'

Operation: Become the Media

SAN FRANCISCO PEAKS -- Hello all you hard working supporters of sacred sites. We are quickly moving towards the critical mass of people prepared to move this to a full fledged sit-in. Eleven basecamps set and at least 15 more who have announced they have started travel, and growing. The CookShack affinity group has made a public call for joiners, and will be taking a public role. Here are the problems we are running into, especially here in Flagstaff. The destruction is not real or everyone is in some stage of denial. Petitions will not save us. The superhuman lawyer Howard Shanker has been neutralized. The coalition court case is now the perfect smokescreen for the Destruction. People sit thinking that a legal decision some time in September will stop destruction ALREADY HAPPENING. So join Operation: Become the Media today:1. Go to the peaks immediately and start filming the destruction. Post it on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.
2. Everyone post the links for other to spread the word. Tweet them with #nopoopsnow on #sacredsites
3. Spread the word on Facebook by tagging your friends. This link will take you to Facebook Event with a note to help you get started tagging right away.
4. Become the media. Don't wait for Randy Wilson to mangle the story. Write the story. Give it to your friends. Who are they going to believe? You and your eyewitness reports or a half-spun version in a newspaper funded partly with Snowbowl money?
5. Help people snap out of it. I know, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 20% house foreclosure rate, nearly 25% of the country out of work, massive fires from a century of forest abuse, war in the east, war in the west, etc. Yep It's all connected. But it feels really good right now to know that there is one place we can take a stand. We can make a difference. And it is right here, It's the Peaks. It's a start!
6. Spread the word! Petitions were used as toilet paper. Letters were thrown away. The lawsuits have become a smokescreen for the greedy to do their destruction. The destruction is real and it is time to interrupt our normally scheduled lives and converge on the peaks!
Grab your camera, grab a friend, go right up on your public lands and film it and let the world know! It's up to you now. Do not go alone, and if Arizona Snowbowl harasses you, call the police on them. You have the right to be there, it is your land! And film that too.

From the Cook Shack:Join the resistance and convergence on the Peaks!
Dear friends, family, neighbors, and allies,
The time is now! We are the people we've been hoping for! Join us in support of protecting the Holy San Francisco Peaks from further desecration and destruction.
A group of us, calling ourselves the Cook Shack, are starting a base camp in support of the current encampment and convergence on the Holy San Francisco Peaks on Friday, July 15th. We are an affinity based group who believe that the destruction and desecration must end now for the physical, emotional, and spiritual dignity, health and well-being of all people in the present and in future generations.
CookShack goals are very simple:
To be visibly and actively in resistance to corporate greed, state violence, environmental destruction, and spiritual desecration.
To not allow ourselves or others to look away - To bare witness to the atrocities being committed against the environment, indigenous people and community health, as well as bare witness to the resilience and power of the people!
To support other encampments and affinity groups by providing access to available food, gear, first aid, information and other supplies being offered and dropped off by supporters and community members. We will be transporting donations from drop places in Flagstaff to the CookShack base camp. 
To answer the calls to action to STOP CONSTRUCTION AND DESECRATION and to stand with people past and present fighting to protect the peaks and all sacred places.
Join us for a few hours, a day, a week or a month: If you find yourself in affinity with us and would like to join us or support us and other base camps, please stop by Taala Hooghan Infoshop (1704 N. 2nd St. East Flagstaff AZ 86004) or e-mail us at to drop off supplies and/or get more info. Connect with us before Friday morning and go with us to the mountain to set-up camp!!!  
We remind folks that this is a drug/alcohol/hater free encampment, and we support a diversity of tactics and strategies. Please come as self sufficient as possible.
We encourage everyone to answer the calls to action and start their own affinity groups and their own base camps!!! Please visit for the latest info.  
We need the following... please remember we're camping when making your donations!
To be able to survive:
- non-perishable foods (canned and dry foods are great!)
- lots of potable water in reusable/refillable containers
(Please DO NOT bring small plastic bottles)
To be able to camp:-tents
-sleeping bags
-rain gear
-ammo cans with securely fitting lids
-camp chairs
-flash lights
To be able to cook:-big pots
-propane stoves
-propane tanks
-disinfecting cleaning supplies (please nothing including triclosan)
-coffee pots
-tubs to wash dishes and other dish washing supplies
To be able to document and communicate:-still and video cameras
-People with stills and video cameras
-solar charging stations

To be able to support each other:
-First Aid supplies
-Medics with Skills
-support vehicle on the mountain
-support vehicles on call who can transport supplies and people
-banners to be visible!!!!

If you think of something else that isn't on this list that we or other base camps might need, please don't hesitate to donate.

We thank you for all your love, support and spirit!

The CookShack Base Camp!

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