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July 9, 2011

San Francsico Peaks: Mobilizing non-violent direct action

Protect San Francisco Peaks, sacred to 13 area Indian Nations, from sewage water for snowmaking at the Snowbowl ski resort

We interrupt your regularly scheduled lives...
True Snow

An open letter from Skiers Keep It Real affinity group:
Camping is fun, but this is not what we planned to do this weekend (week, month?). It is not really a convenient time for any of us. But then, sometimes it really is a bit larger than ourselves and we have to do what is in our hearts or live with the pain of inaction the rest of our lives. This was not something our hearts would let us do! We may not succeed, but at least we reclaimed our own personl freedom and stood up for what we believe in. In our group we have quit jobs, cancelled vacations, saved money, organized our own support network (though it looks like further support is rolling in and we will be eating home baked goods up here for months), and made our own plans. We also call out to the world to help make even bigger plans :P
I know for certain we will fail without YOU! Yes YOU! The person reading this. Stop right now and think about what the mountain means to you. And then stop and realize it has a completely different, but just as significant meaning to a few million other people. It does not matter if that meaning is different. Our common bond is our love for the mountain. Let us put aside race, class, gender, and other social ills for a moment and join together in one common thing. Our love for the mountain and her need for protection RIGHT NOW.
You don't need a leader to tell you where to camp. You don't need us to tell you what to do. We all know in our hearts what is right! Let us know you are out there and prepared and then let's CONVERGE ON THE PEAKS!
Editor's note: There's lots to do even if you can't camp. Lets put the heart of the millions into this. Spread the word :)
Since yesterday we went from 17 countries to 30 countries visiting the site. We are 5 continents strong (anyone know anyone in Africa or Antartica?) and gearing up for the convergence. Get ready now.

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