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Monday, April 11, 2011

Untouchable media: Queen of England and Pope, wealth from the blood of Indigenous

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

How much of the lavish wealth of the Queen of England and the Pope has come from the lands, resources and suffering of Indigenous Peoples.

When I see the wealth of the Queen of England, I see the suffering in Africa, and then around the earth. The public relations machine of the Queen and family members make their accumulated wealth look so glitzy and glamorous, as if everyone should want to be like them.

They want you to celebrate their wealth.

The source of the wealth of the Queen of England, and the Pope, are among the untouchable stories in the media. This is the type of story that rocks the foundation of the exploiters, shakes the cradle which allows it to continue.

The acquisition of lavish wealth by the Queen of England and Vatican have been disguised by their well-paid publicists, and the coopted media. The reporters who have started investigations of these matters in the mainstream media have quickly found themselves unemployed. Instead of revealing the truth, the media wants you to join in and promote these exploiters -- celebrate their wealth and power.

Don't be fooled by the hype. Research for yourself the so-called conquests of Africa and the Americas, Australia and the South Pacific, and see whose blood these riches were drained from. Read for yourself of the Indigenous Peoples tortured and raped as they struggled to hold on to their land, water, trees and natural resources.

The conquests continue today. Research the miners buried alive in Africa and Indigenous activists assassinated by mining companies in Guatemala and Peru. Research the fact that Indian lands of the Navajo, Pueblo, Lakota and others are targeted with uranium mining and coal-fired power plants in the US.

Read about the long history of corporate genocide in Canada and Australia, and the role of abusive boarding schools, colonization and militarization. You can begin your research with today and work backwards in time, to the time when the British and conquistadors seized land and carried out the slaughter, the blood bath and genocide of Indigenous Peoples.

Today's conquistadors are in Washington, on some tribal councils and on lobbying firms. The goal is to keep the profits going to the exploiters and corporations. The wealth comes from mining, oil and gas, uranium, coal, forests and minerals.

The corporations reap their profits from wars and target those they consider expendables, people of color and the poor, to fight those wars and die in those wars.

The wealth and power mongers need water and land for the rich to keep getting richer, they need the rivers and the streams. They need the air you breathe. They need to control your thoughts.

They need public relations folks to spin it all, deceive you.

They need to own the media.

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