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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Media Co-op: First Nations Under Surveillance

Photo Barriere Lake
First Nations Under Surveillance

Harper Government Prepares for First Nations “Unrest"
by Russell Diabo and Shiri Pasternak
"Internal documents from Indian Affairs and the RCMP show that shortly after forming government in January of 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had the federal government tighten up on gathering and sharing intelligence on First Nations to anticipate and manage potential First Nation unrest across Canada."
The hotspots were listed as: Caledonia, Ontario (Douglas Creek Estates occupation); Belleville, Ontario (Montreal/Toronto Rail Blockade in sympathy to Caledonia); Brantford, Ontario (Grand River Conservation Authority Lands); Desoronto, Ontario (Occupation of Quarry); Grassy Narrows (Blockade of Trans Canada Hwy by environmentalists); and Maniwaki, Quebec (Blockade of Route 117)."
Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy
"It is also clear from INAC’s presentation to the RCMP that they are particularly worried about the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. They mention 'Warrior Societies' ..."
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Media Co-op: 'First Nations under surveillance'

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Crow Voices Radio launched by Center Pole in Montana

Youth at Center Pole summer camp on Crow land, Montana,

Teepee pole transmitter.

Listen live to the new Crow Voices, at Center Pole, in Montana, where Native youths are making a difference. The eight week camp is underway, offering vision for the future. Govinda, producer of Earthcycles and the solar powered radio bus that has broadcast in many Indigenous communities, has set up a new radio station there. The teepee poles are supporting the radio transmitter.
The Crow Indian youths have been sharing their language on the radio show, which they are learning this week. They are also learning storytelling and how to share the stories from their own lives, like good thoughts about their grandmothers. They are also getting used to reading live on the radio.
The sound of the Crow language has been welcomed by the Internet listening audience.
Dee Boissoneau said, "It is always empowering to hear the youth reclaiming what was stolen from our ancestors!!"
Listen online during daytime hours at:
Learn more about Center Pole on the Crow Nation, a new vision with a traditional foundation for Native youths:
Listen locally on your radios at 87.9
Thanks to Govinda for the photos for Censored News!