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Sunday, June 26, 2011

ALERT: Snowbowl Begins Clear-cuts on Holy San Francisco Peaks

[ALERT] Snowbowl Begins Clear-cuts on Holy San Francisco Peaks.

By Klee Benally
Indigenous Action
Photos by Dawn Dyer

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Owners of Arizona Snowbowl ski area have started clear-cutting rare alpine forest for new ski runs on the Holy San Francisco Peaks.
According to an Environmental Impact Statement more than 74 acres are slated to be cut.
Owners and operators of Arizona Snowbowl began partial development of a 14.8 mile pipeline last month.
If completed, the pipeline will transport up to 180 million gallons of treated sewage effluent from the City of Flagstaff to the ski area for snowmaking.

The treated sewage has been proven to contain contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and hormones. Currently this matter is subject of a lawsuit asserting that the Forest Service, who manages the Peaks as public lands, did not test or seriously consider impacts if humans ingest the fake snow.
Snowbowl started development in May even though the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to make a decision on the current case.

Development of the pipeline was temporarily halted on June 16th when six individuals locked themselves inside the pipeline trench and to construction equipment.
After holding off construction for nearly 5 hours, the direct action ended with the arrests of those involved.

The San Francisco Peaks are held holy by more than 13 Indigenous Nations.

Former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. made the point clear when the Forest Service initially approved the development in 2004, "When you build on [The Peaks], when you talk about putting wastewater on it, you are desecrating our life. You are chipping away at our way of life and committing genocide"

Please read the statement from the six protesters who literally placed themselves in the trenches:

Klee Benally | - Independent Indigenous Media

Walkin' in: Renegade Walkers Long Walk 3 Photos

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Renegade Walkers of the Long Walk 3 across America, for the Reversal of Diabetes, are nearing their destination, Washington DC.
Walking against the odds, these four Native long walkers are Manny Calapoo of Warm Springs, Oregon; T-Hawk, Tongan and Mohawk; Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo and Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone. They are joined by Paul Owns the Sabre, Lakota elder from Cheyenne River, South Dakota. Owns the Sabre was one of the original walkers in the 1978 Long Walk across America for Native American rights. Peake and Sampson walked across America in 2008 on the Long Walk 2 northern route.
They will be in DC for Long Walk 3 diabetes awareness events the first week of July.
To lend a helping hand to support the Renegade Walkers, please call Manny or Carl at 605-848-0508.
Meet T-Hawk
T-HAWK is a native musician/artist on the red road with a unique blend of traditional/contemporary music in the form of NATIVE HIP-HOP. This West Coast Music Award winner Contemporary artist of the year for 2009/2010 indigenous roots are the foundation of the sound that soothes the spirit and shakes the soul. He is an enrolled member of the Mohawk tribe of the Haudanasaunee (Iroquois) peoples via. Six Nations Reserve, Oshweken, Canada (by mother, turtle clan) from the east, highly influences his combative lyrical style that is reminiscent of the east coast. T-HAWK also creates and produces his own ecclectic, ambient beat style of the west coast reminiscent of his Polynesian roots (by father) via. The Kingdom of Tonga. A group of islands located in the deep south Pacific Ocean. This musician/lyricist is an inspirational spiritual warrior combining many elements of Native style music making: hand drum, shakers, flutes, and many other organic instruments formulated and sprinkled with traditional chants/singing. The lyrical content is spiritual, native, movement, conscious, with a postive outlook reflecting his spiritual journey across the Turtle’s back. The knowledge and wisdom reflects the light of his ceremonial experiences within each and every song. Songs from his 2 most recent albums The Blessing and A Purpose can be reviewed and listened to at:
Cell phone photos by Carl Bad Bear Sampson and Manny Calapoo for Censored News.

Leonard Peltier 'Take your place in the struggle'

Today: Oglala Commemoration, Pine Ridge, South Dakota

By Leonard Peltier
Hello my friends and relations,

I always try to come to you full of good spirit and vigor. But I cannot lie. There are days when the ugliness of my situation weighs me down. I swear I never thought this could happen. I never believed law enforcement and the government of this country would go so far for so long to keep their dirty laundry hidden away

Over the years, you my dedicated friends and believers have kept a vision of justice alive. That really is something special. Because of you, we have learned of hidden evidence, coerced testimony, and outright lies by the FBI and prosecutors. Because of you we have been able to uncover thousands of documents the government wanted to stay secret. And yet they have been able to squirrel away thousands more pages of their biggest secrets about me, about the theft of Indian land, their motives behind murder, and their operations to silence people like me. I am living proof that my case is about squashing Indian rights and Indian sovereignty, otherwise why would I be serving a sentence so much longer than what is normal for my so-called conviction?

Those that believe in law and order should be the loudest voices calling for my release! The fact is the day I walk free is the day they are forced to deal with my innocence, and they are so very afraid of doing just that! No matter what they say, the dirty little secret underneath all of this is America’s fear and loathing of Indian people. In over five hundred years, they have not yet learned how to deal honorably with us.

The burden is great sometimes, but the encouragement I get from you helps me to keep my faith that freedom will one day come my way. No matter what happens, on the day I draw my last breath I will be proud to have taken my place alongside my ancestors, knowing I did all I could do, and gave all I could for my people. For those FBI agents and prosecutors in my case, their last moments will include shame.

So remember all of you my friends and relations, this case is about much more than me. If you believe in truth, justice, honor, freedom, all of what is supposed to make America great, then help me open the door to my release. If you believe in Indian sovereignty, join my cause and in doing so help yourself. Take your place in the struggle and do all you can to eradicate injustice.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your love.

Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin!
Leonard Peltier

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