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April 16, 2012

Dine' CARE: Navajo government usurped by corporate entities

Navajo Nation government usurped by corporate entities

By Dine' CARE
Censored News

 DILKON, Arizona (Navajo Nation) -- DinĂ© Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment, a Navajo organization, strongly condemns recent activities of Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and question his competence. Shelly is either in collusion or asleep at the wheel, while our government and natural resources are being handed over to corporate interest. Our President is working feverishly to accommodate energy corporations at every opportunity.

2/14/12 – Shelly praises Kyl/McCain when SB2109 was introduced.

4/5/12  - Shelly is summoned by Kyl and McCain to appear in Tuba City for a meeting that was closed to the public.

Shelly is made the stooge, being told what to say and do by Navajo Nation Water Attorney Pollack, telling the Navajo public in Tuba City that SB2109 hasn’t been introduced yet, then tells the public in the next breath, that it was the attorneys who are responsible for the “water settlement” deal.

Our president Ben Shelly has been so groomed by Water Attorney Pollack, Senators Kyl and McCain that he also is 'speaking with a forked tongue;' attempting to convince us he is for his people.  He told us at the Tuba City rally that we can voice our concerns and oppositions at the 9 scheduled Water Rights Forums. Then why did he hire a lobbying firm to help Senators Kyl and McCain pass S.2109 and H.R. 4067?

We all know the public forums are one of many strategies devised by Mr. Pollack so Mr. Shelly can say the Navajo communities were heard.

4/7/12 – At the Chinle Agency Council meeting, the inquiring public, who understand what is at stake, passed a resolution against the water settlement bill, over bewilderedShelly’s objections.
·     We question how much funds are being paid lobbyist working against our interest.
·     Our Council Delegates weren’t even consulted on hiring these lobbyists to work against ourpeople’s interest.
·     What happened to the promise he made to first hear from his constituents?

We know that Senators Kyl and McCain are enemies of our people, but who would have known that our own President would also betray us!  President Shelly is no longer working for the best interest of the Navajo Nation and needs to be reined in.

Anna M. Frazier (928) 401-0382 E-mail:
LoriGoodman (970)759-1908

Navajo government hires aggessive pro-mining firm to push through water rights theft over protests by grassroots Navajos:

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