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April 3, 2012

Pueblo and Hopi leaders gather for Leadership Institute

Last day of the historic Pueblo Convocation.  Media is invited to this rare opportunity to hear Pueblo leaders from the 19 New Mexico Pueblos, Isleta del Sur of Texas and Hopi of Arizona. The Convocation begins at 8:00 am today through 4:30 pm at the Tamaya Hyatt. Today's topics will include Environment, Community & Economic Development, Education and Youth. Governor Walter Dasheno of Santa Clara stated, "Future generations will reflect upon this event in similar ways we reflect on the Pueblo Revolt which epitomizes the resilience of our ancestors"...Pueblo Convocation 2012. PHOTO:  Over 300 participants listen in.

Leadership Institute at Santa Fe Indian School Convenes Historic Gathering

By Stephine Poston
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Press statement

Three-day, multi-generational event will review federal Indian policy and current challenges to Pueblo ways of life and define Pueblo-driven visions for the future

Albuquerque, NM – April 2, 2012 – The Leadership Institute at Santa Fe Indian School, an organization dedicated to driving discussion around critical policy issues impacting Native American tribes in New Mexico, today initiates a three-day Pueblo Convocation that will bring together Pueblo people, experts and leaders to reflect on 100 years of challenges and articulate a forward vision for the future.

The event, which features broad participation from New Mexico pueblos and tribal policy experts, will focus on 11 critical areas identified by New Mexico’s Pueblo communities: Language, Health, Land and Cultural Resources, Environment, Governance, Art, Law, Family, Education, Youth, Economic and Community Development.

“The Pueblo Convocation is a unique convening of tribal policy advocates, Pueblo leadership, tribal youth, community elders, spiritual and cultural representatives and scholars,” said Leadership Institute’s Co-Founder and Co-Director Carnell Chosa (Jemez Pueblo). “The event celebrates Pueblo people, history, survival and resilience – all important components in shaping and articulating a vision for the future of our Pueblo communities in New Mexico.”

Throughout the event, representatives from Pueblo communities will gather together to review the last 100 years in federal policy and discuss building Pueblo capacity toward social transformation. Notable activities include:
·         The Leadership Institute will develop a Community Assessment Template, which will provide policy guidance, core value structures and community vision resources to Pueblo communities. 
·         Forum for active discussion and recommendations related to tribal, state and national policy.
·         Introduction of the Pueblo Doctoral Cohort, which addresses the capacity building need and the integration of formally educated, young Pueblo professionals into their communities.

“This event celebrates the resiliency of our forefathers and all they did to retain our Pueblo core values tied to land, language, way of life, customary traditional laws, spirit of community and protecting the resources, and family – all things that have sustained us throughout our time and journey,” said Leadership Institute’s Co-Founder and Co-Director Regis Pecos (Cochiti Pueblo). “We will evaluate where the Pueblo people have been, where we are presently, and identify where we want to go – as a people – into the future.”

About the Leadership Institute
The Pueblo Convocation is made possible by funding through the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
Established in 1997, the Leadership Institute was created to provide opportunities for dialogue regarding public policy and issues affecting New Mexico’s tribal communities. Community Institutes, one of the staple Leadership Institute programs, bring together tribal leaders, community members, youth and elders, subject-matter experts and policy makers. Under a major capacity-building initiative with Pueblo communities, the Leadership Institute has expanded to include additional programs like the Summer Policy Academy for tribal students and Brave Girls, a girl’s empowerment program. The Leadership Institute was recognized in 2011 as one of the top five programs contributing to the governance of American Indian nations by Harvard University Honoring Nations. To learn more please visit

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