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April 25, 2012

KKK carved on blind Lakota elder in Rapid City hospital



Blind, 68-year-old Lakota elder Vern Traversie has KKK carved into his torso while recovering from open heart surgery at Rapid City Regional Hospital on a referral from the Indian Health Service.
After 7 months of waiting for justice, Cheyenne River Sioux Nation tribal member Vern Traversie goes public with an appeal for justice.

Censored News
Update July 17, 2012:
Vern Traversie files lawsuit against hospital:

Vern Traversie Justice Rally and March
Rally and March photos in left column at Censored News
Rapid City, South Dakota USA May 21, 2012 (11am – 4pm MST)
Rally underway, began at 11:00 AM MST at Memorial Park, south side of Rushmore Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota. The Justice for Vern March continued southbound on 5th Street to the Rapid City Regional Hospital.The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe is supporting VERN TRAVERSIE.


503mcbee said...

i can't speak for you, but i have seen people respond to this internet tool.

i first heard of the trayvon martian murder from this group. i think it may be easy to start.

this is a shameful act, and should not go unpunished.

every klan member has no business taking up perfectly good space on this planet.

Jeanne Hartley said...

I cannot put into words the level of disgust and outrage I feel for what this dear man has endured. A crime so horrific and no justice please see Twitter timeline for @Jeannie_Hartley i started tweeting about this and will continue #HumanRights #JusticeforVern #VernTraversie

Toria/Deb said...

This is truly awful. A really disgusting, horrible terrible thing to do to someone. I am horrified. Try to speak out on injustices all over. Like I am.

Unknown said...

hey fuck you guy. Its cynical as fuck for you to tag obama's reelection hopes onto this guy's suffering. Its not as though the president even cares about this or will do anything about it. My guess is (I could be wrong) that this is being shared with the public in order to aide this guy's bid to get justice, not to get barry another 4 years of murdering pakistani children.

Unknown said...

How awful! They as Surgens took an OATH! to Help PEOPLE! ALL PEOPLE! not JUST WHITE! To do something like this is NOT RIGHT something should be DONE!

robin said...

This is a criminal act from those who do not uphold the Hippocratic Oath which all doctors swear to up hold. Everyone including the staff in this hospital should be charged with malicious injury to person and attempted murder. The picture is evidence to the lack of care and total disregard to individual sovereign life.

robin said...
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iaincwil said...

I have just had a bypass operation and have the same scars from the opp but without the terrible marks this man has, however whilst in intensive care I did have a bad experience with a nurse which has had the effect of me being scared to ever go back there,
I feel deeply for this man and think it should be acted on,even if it is he will be terrified of ever having to go back for further treatment there! which can never be taken away,
flute prayers going up!