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April 9, 2012

KNAU Radio gets it right! Kyl McCain meet with angry Navajo protesters

By Shelley Smithson KNAU

As most of the media is censoring the protest of the scheme to steal Navajo water rights by Senators Kyl and McCain, KNAU Radio Flagstaff gets it right!

Senators Kyl and McCain Meet Angry Protesters
in Tuba City

By Shelley Smithson
Protesters held up signs and booed as Arizona Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain visited Tuba City Thursday.
The senators were in Tuba City to discuss details of their water settlement bill with Navajo and Hopi officials.
The $300 million bill would cede the tribe’s claims to the Little Colorado River in exchange for three water development projects in reservation communities where many lack running water.
But the bill is unpopular with many, even those who live in communities that would get drinking water.
“Why didn’t they involve the public? This is their land. This is their water,” asks former Navajo Nation President Milton Bluehouse. “ I believe there is a vast violation of human rights.”
Bluehouse says he was pushed by Navajo Police when he tried to enter the closed-door meeting between the senators, the Navajo president and vice president, and members of the Tribal Council.

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